RLC launches 2023 East London Business Alliance Mentoring programme

February 20, 2023

Chambers has launched its 2023 mentoring programme with East London Business Alliance [ELBA] welcoming a number of aspiring law students studying at Universities in East London.

ELBA has been supporting the social and economic regeneration of East London for over 30 years. The charity works in partnership with business and the local community, including universities and schools, to build the capacity of local organisations and the community, harnessing the time, skills and expertise of volunteers.

First launched in October of 2019, RLC are the first Chambers to partner with ELBA, with a focus on education and employment. RLC is committed to promoting and developing equality, diversity and inclusivity. The programme focusses on social mobility, supporting law students from non-traditional backgrounds to experience the world of the Bar. Our 2022 programme welcomed the first visibly impaired mentee.

Through the mentoring programme, the mentees are assigned 2 mentors and follow a syllabus which includes sessions on advocacy, personal confidence building and communication skills training and they benefit from regular 1-2-1 feedback from mentors. In addition, sessions allow mentees to explore journeys to the Bar, the role of a practising barrister and life at the Criminal Bar.

The programme culminates with a Mock Trial held at the Old Bailey where mentees are given the opportunity to showcase the essential skills of public speaking, critical thinking and the art of forming a persuasive, cohesive argument.

Mentors for the 2023 year long programme include Michelle Nelson KC, Alistair Fell, Aneurin Brewer, Tim Kiely, Anita Clifford, Michael Goodwin KC, Zoe Chapman, Jack Talbot, Gillian Jones KC, Sophie Quinton-Carter, Ed Renvoize, Francesca Kirby, Josh Ellis and Serena Gates.

For more information on ELBA please see here: [ELBA]