Sexual Offences

Our sexual offences barristers are recognised as experts in defending and prosecuting the highest profile and most complex cases.

For more than 70 years members of Red Lion Chambers have been instructed in the most notorious and complex sexual offences cases, including Max Clifford; Dharmasena and Hussain (the first FGM case in the UK); Operation Svanetia (human trafficking of vulnerable Roma women); S (rape of multiple sclerosis patient by healthcare worker); Operation Folkstone (serial rape, kidnap and assault of prostitutes and children); Oxford sex trafficking cases; and Stephen Port (serial rapist and serial killer).

We are leaders in the field of vulnerable witness and defendant testimony; in particular those vulnerable due to age, mental or physical health or disability and cognitive impairments due to injury or learning difficulties. Such is our standing in the field of sexual offences, two members are course directors and other members facilitators for the Advocacy and Vulnerable Witness Training Programme which provides specialist training to the judiciary and other legal professionals involved in questioning vulnerable witnesses.

Our sexual offences expertise includes cases relating to:

  • rape and serious sexual assault, including within marriage and relationships
  • child sexual abuse and grooming
  • paedophile rings
  • Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • historic sexual offences
  • indecent images/pornography/obscene publications
  • Data Protection & Technology offences
  • sexting and harassment
  • offences involving breach of trust (e.g. allegations against teachers, medical professionals, family members)
  • prostitution and related offences.