Black Lives Matter

In response to the shocking events of 25 May 2020 we joined together, led by a group of senior and influential Black and BAME professionals and business organisations, drawn together by Red Lion Chambers and ELBA, to make this collective statement of intent.

We have all been tracking the unfolding events in the USA and the reaction around the world. We are all outraged and sickened by the injustice of the murder of George Floyd. Many of us have individually issued statements condemning this heinous act, and expressing solidarity with our colleagues, friends and fellow citizens in the Black community. Leaders from all parts of the community are talking about whether this can be a moment for change. We believe it can if we act now.

We are all involved, individually and collectively, in programmes, initiatives, charities and movements, and have made efforts to improve our own organisations’ track record on diversity in recruitment and progression. Each effort in their own right has validity and value. But if we are to use this moment, we have to accept it is not enough. We chose this moment in time to make changes that lie within our influence and we accept that what we have done so far is not enough. We are calling our campaign SHIFT25 – we are calling for a fundamental shift – and for it to happen quickly, by 2025.