Across all areas of Business Crime & Fraud our recognised investigations barristers specialise in advising on and leading investigations both domestically and internationally.

Widely accepted to be one of the leading chambers for Business Crime & Fraud, our investigations barristers are known for their skill, expertise and experience in advising on and conducting investigations.

In addition to conducting investigations on behalf of individuals, businesses and Government departments, members of Red Lion Chambers can advise those facing investigation, for example those being investigated by the SFO or a regulatory body such as the FCA or HMRC.

Members can expertly advise corporate clients on the pros and cons of self-reporting to authorities and liaise with a full range of regulators and authorities.

Members also have experience in advising individuals and companies in the UK that are being investigated by international authorities, such as the US Department of Justice.

Whether advising on non-contentious aspects of regulatory compliance, self reporting, a current investigation, pre-litigation or following the outcome of litigation, members of Red Lion Chambers’ investigations team, are experienced in advising on and leading Investigations both locally and across multiple jurisdictions.

Our barristers have a characteristically robust and proactive approach, grounded in many years experience of advising in these matters.

Our Fraud & Business Crime investigations expertise includes:

  • investigations involving multiple jurisdictions
  • Bribery & Corruption
  • accountancy issues
  • Fraud investigations of any kind
  • insider trading
  • failure to prevent tax evasion
  • VAT and other evasion frauds
  • Tax & Insolvency issues
  • breach of director duties and disqualification
  • Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime investigations, including cross-border
  • breach of Companies Act 2006 obligations
  • directors’ obligations
  • investigations under s 447 Companies Act 1985
  • managing legal professional privilege and disclosure issues.