Serious & Organised Crime

Red Lion Chambers has been at the forefront of advising and acting in serious and organised crime cases for more than 70 years.

Our barristers continue to be instructed to defend and prosecute in some of the highest profile cases in the country, including most recently Operation Pottery, a series of trials involving modern slavery and Fraud, described by the trial judge as: “the longest and the most complex trial of its kind ever conducted in this country, according to all researches by both the Bar and the Court Service…The nature, scope and volume of the evidence in this trial is such that the case has been at the least of the very highest level of complexity…”

We are particularly well-respected for defending large-scale conspiracy trials and for cases involving complex evidence such as forensic telephone evidence, expert cell site and DNA patterns, expert examination, detailed cross-examination and explanation and strategic planning. Our members are persuasive jury advocates who can also deploy precise legal arguments to the court and who have highly refined skills in examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

Our serious and organised crime expertise includes advising on allegations such as: