Red Lion Consulting [RLConsulting] is a new initiative led by Dame Linda Dobbs. We provide consulting services to law firms, governments, NGOs, corporations and institutions.

Our consultants are senior and highly respected professionals including former senior judges, police officers, academics, experts in both national and international justice, advisors to governments, corporations and other organisations. This range of expertise enables RLConsulting to offer flexibility for projects, enabling you to assemble the team which best meets your needs or compliments your team.

Our reach is global, consultants have worked across Africa, the Caribbean, Northern and Eastern Europe, the United States, China, and the Pacific. RLConsulting has an excellent network of local contacts and a real understanding of the cultures, national and local politics of the countries we work in which is critical for the success of any international project.

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+44 (0)20 7520 6000 | info@redlionconsulting.co.uk

RLConsulting is an independent group associated with Red Lion Chambers and its members are not practising barristers. However, RLConsulting can collaborate with members of Red Lion Chambers, including its International Team which also conducts work overseas. The association with Chambers has been approved by the BSB.