Simon Spence QC responds to Barristers voting to take direct action

20. Jun 2022

Simon Spence QC has been interviewed by the East Anglian Daily Times on today’s [20 June] latest ballot results from the CBA confirming that Barristers will begin to take direct action starting on Monday 27 June. The CBA have concluded through its ballot that barristers …

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Valerie Charbit writing for The Circuiteer introduces new project on Kindness

15. Jun 2022

Valerie Charbit has written a piece in The Circuiteer exploring how the Bar can spread and share Kindness. She says: “There is already a heritage of kindness at the bar. What we need to do is create more of it and hope that by spreading …

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5 years on from Grenfell- Sailesh Mehta writes for The Independent

14. Jun 2022

On the fifth anniversary of the worst residential fire in Britain since the Second World War, Sailesh Mehta writes an Opinion piece for The Independent. He comments: “The Grenfell tragedy should be a warning to us all. The most important lesson from this disaster: Corporations …

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A perspective from the Junior Bar: Zoe Chapman and Francesca Kirby write opinion piece for The Circuiteer

1. Jun 2022

Zoe Chapman and Francesca Kirby have written an opinion piece for The Circuiteer from the perspective of the Junior Bar. The piece entitled “Barking up the Wrong Tree” examines the state of the Criminal Bar following a tree planting ceremony by HMCTS at Snaresbrook Crown …

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Michael Goodwin QC and Tom Davies investigate Crypto Fraud writing for New Law Journal

31. May 2022

Michael Goodwin QC and Tom Davies have investigated the growing problem of Crypto fraud and the evolving legal landscape. Writing for New Law Journal, the RLC members have co-authored a piece with Simon Davison, Director of Investigations at AnotherDay examining regulatory and legal responses to …

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RLC supports Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

16. May 2022

“Barristers are particularly at risk of burnout because of the nature of our work and our approach to it – but it doesn’t have to be this way.” RLC Associate Member Jade Bucklow explores how culture, work and lifestyle changes can rejuvenate mental health in …

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Jonathan Fisher QC writes Opinion Piece for The Times

12. May 2022

Jonathan Fisher QC has written an Opinion piece for The Times where he has argued for the need of an “enhanced criminal prosecutor” capable of effectively pursuing economic crime cases. He comments: “Interest in tackling economic crime has moved up the agenda in recent times, …

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Key Messages for Fraud Practitioners- Anita Clifford writes for Female Fraud Forum

25. Apr 2022

Anita Clifford has been featured in the latest Spring Edition of the Female Fraud Forum’s “In Focus” newsletter. She has written an article looking at “CPS v Aquila Advisory- Key Messages for Fraud Practitioners” She comments: “The recent Supreme Court case of CPS v Aquila …

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Jonathan Fisher QC writes Opinion piece for

22. Apr 2022

Jonathan Fisher QC has written an expert opinion piece for looking at the right of sanctioned people to obtain legal representation in light of recent criticism that they should not be legally represented. He comments: “There is a myriad of reasons why a sanctioned …

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Sailesh Mehta writes for the Independent newspaper

20. Apr 2022

Sailesh Mehta has written an opinion column for the Independent newspaper examining the recent decision by the Attorney General to refer the case of the Colston Four to the Court of Appeal. Discussing the usefulness of a “perverse verdict”, Sailesh comments: “So called “perverse verdict” …

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