Our appeals barristers have an expert understanding of the appeals process, whether appealing a conviction or confiscation order, or simply providing advice.

When facing an appeal or prosecution brought in by the HMRC, NCS, DWP, SFO, RCPO, FCA, or by the CPS, whether regulatory or criminal, our appeals barristers are equipped with the technical knowledge to ensure the strongest case is always put forward.

We have over 70 years’ experience defending and prosecuting an enormous range of appeals to appellate bodies, including the Crown Court, the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal, European Court of Human Rights and the Supreme Court, as well as appearing before the Privy Council.

Although there is no automatic right of appeal against a conviction, we can accept instructions to advise whether sufficient grounds for an appeal exist.

Our appeals expertise includes cases relating to any and all cases. Current and recent instructions have included cases, both recent and historic, of:

  • murder
  • attempted murder
  • gross negligence manslaughter
  • rape
  • terrorist cases
  • stalking
  • arson
  • money laundering
  • driving offences
  • dangerous driving.