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Mathew Dance

Mathew Dance

Call: 2001

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Mathew is instructed as both leading and junior counsel for the defence, and is very experienced in highly complex and serious criminal cases. He specialises in defending large-scale fraud, money laundering and serious and organised crime.

He is an advocate of the tactical approach, and determined and meticulous preparation required to get the best results.  In addition, Mathew maintains a very friendly and approachable manner with both his instructing solicitors and lay clients.


Fraud & Corporate CrimeHomicideOther Serious and Organised CrimeHuman TraffickingSexual Offences

Cases currently instructed:

  • R v. S £20m duty evasion on imported cigarettes.
  • R v. G Leading Junior. £10m money laundering.
  • R v. G £10m Post Office fraud.

Cases recently undertaken:

  • R v. G (2019) Leading Junior. £10m money laundering
  • R v. F Ebay fraud.
  • R v. L Fraud on the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • R v. J Money laundering involving a renewable energy company.
  • R v. K (2017) Money laundering (£57m cash) using a money exchange bureau.
  • R v. A (2017) Money laundering.
  • R v. S (2017) Large scale money laundering involving companies based in Kuwait and the US.
  • R v. S (2017) Duty diversion fraud in respect of large quantities of cigarettes.

Notable earlier cases over the last 10 years include:

  • R v. C  A City of London banker charged with fraud and money laundering relating to off shore trust funds and the repatriation of money back into the UK.
  • R v. B Alcohol duty diversion fraud and money laundering offences involving the international corporate trade of alcohol into and out of the UK with a loss to the revenue exceeding £15m.
  • R v. B Represented the second defendant in a multi-handed banking fraud at MBNA involving a bank employee.
  • R v. L Duty diversion fraud. The prosecution alleged that “L” was part of an international criminal enterprise involved in avoiding the duty payable to HMRC in respect of tobacco products.
  • R v. K  Advanced fee fraud and money laundering allegation involving the director of a gaming business.
  • R v. P Represented a company director charged with money laundering. The case involved multi-jurisdictional aspects and Hawala money transfers.
  • R v. R Defended an extradited company director in a complex advanced fee fraud and money laundering operation in the UK and in Spain.
  • R v. B Boiler room fraud. Glossy brochures and fake share certificates were used to attract investors in a company that had London properties.
  • R v. E Represented the lead defendant in an advanced fee fraud. He was the director of a number of businesses and was alleged to have allowed bank accounts controlled by him to process funds obtained from the fraud and then to have arranged for their onward distribution.
  • R v. L Alcohol duty diversion fraud involving large number of different companies, 17 defendants.
  • R v. N  a substantial case with 11 defendants in a “cash for cash” insurance fraud.

Cases recently undertaken:

  • R v. G (2017) Ex-service man charged with the attempted murder of his wife.

Notable cases over the last 4 years include:

  • R v. H Represented the lead defendant in a double shooting. H fled to his native country and had to be extradited back to the UK.
  • R v. T A man was charged with killing his wife. This case centred on issues surrounding mental health and diminished responsibility.
  • R v. EH  3 month trial of murder of an 18 year old boy. The defendant was 21 years old and of good character and the case involved multiple cut-throat defences.

Cases recently undertaken:

  • R v. J (2019) Importation of large quantities of Heroin.
  • R v. H (2019) Large scale supply of cocaine. 6 week trial at Kingston CC.
  • R v. L (2018) Leading Junior. Conspiracy to supply class A drugs – County Lines.
  • R v. G (2017) Ex-service man charged with the attempted murder of his wife.
  • R v. A (2017) Large scale drugs supply.

Currently instructed in:

  • R v. S Large scale County Lines involving the supply of class A drugs.
  • R v. J Large scale supply of Heroin.
  • R v. M Supply of drugs to vulnerable young girls working in the sex trade.

Notable cases over the last 10 years include

  • R v. J (2016) Representing one of nine defendants charged with conspiracy to supply heroin, said to represent the majority if not all the heroin supplied throughout the Midlands.
  • R v. E Instructed to represent lead defendant in the importation of a large quantity of cocaine. Bad character played a key role as the defendant had been previously convicted of a like offence.
  • R v. D Importation of large quantities of cocaine into the UK involving a corrupt customs officer who waved through those carrying the drugs.
  • R v. M Represented a Columbian national charged with importing cocaine into the UK.
  • R v. W  Represented the first defendant in a multi-handed armed robbery. The case involved expert evidence analysing the gait of those caught on CCTV.
  • R v. D  Represented a 19 year old man charged with the raids on cash machines and cash in transit robberies.
  • R v. G  Multi-handed trial involving the armed robbery of a building society.

Notable cases over the last 5 years include

  • R v. H Instructed to represent the lead defendant in a human trafficking trial. Following their arrival in the UK the alleged victims were falsely imprisoned until their families parted with further money.
  • R V. B Trial involving the facilitation of illegal immigrants from Albania into the UK, with complex telephone evidence and cell site analysis.
  • R v. O Represented one of 6 defendants alleged to be involved in the facilitation of illegal immigrants into the UK.

Currently instructed in:

Cases recently undertaken:

  • R v. D (2018) Sexual offences against his stepdaughter’s friend.
  • R v. R (2017) Leading Junior. Historic allegations of rape.
  • R v. A (2017) Historic allegations of sexual abuse of his stepdaughter.
  • R v. R (2017) Multiple sexual assaults on a number of different complainants involving a young man with serious mental health issues.
  • R v. C (2016) Grooming vulnerable young girls into working as underage prostitutes.

Notable cases over the last 12 years include:

  • R v. C A multi-handed trial alleging the rape and false imprisonment of a 16-year old girl.
  • R v. D  Represented the first defendant who was one of four members of a gang who were alleged to have systematically raped a schoolgirl of 13.
  • R v. D First prosecution under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 involving the exploitation of young girls from Russia into the sex trade in the UK.



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