Mathew Dance secures murder acquittal at Old Bailey

April 22, 2023

Mathew Dance appeared at the Central Criminal Court in April 2023 to represent clients who had both been accused of murder.

The defendants were working men who intervened to prevent a man called Reece Young from beating up two girls in Croydon on 30th March 2021. Young turned on them and attacked Kisekka with a knife, stabbing him 12 times – 4 times to the back as he sought to run away. He stabbed Harris twice. Young was killed in the ensuing struggle for control of the knife by a single stab wound to the chest, and the defendants were arrested. They were thereafter interviewed and released on bail for 9 months before being charged and remanded in custody for the next 15 months.

After a trial which began on 20th March both clients were acquitted.

Mathew Dance has extensive experienced in defending in criminal cases across the criminal spectrum including cases involving serious violence, including murder and manslaughter. Read more: [Mathew Dance Profile ]

Mathew Dance was led by Icah Peart KC (Garden Court) and instructed by Pratik Patel of Imran Khan and Partners.