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Marilyn Vitte

Marilyn Vitte

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Marilyn provides advice and representation in all areas of criminal and regulatory law. She is a skilled, astute and persuasive advocate, who offers meticulous case preparation, a keen tactical acumen and exceptional client care. She regularly appears in the Crown Court in cases involving complex issues of law and has also appeared in the Court of Appeal.

Marilyn has extensive experience across a wide spectrum of criminal cases. She is instructed in areas that include fraud and financial crime, homicide and serious violence, sexual offences, firearms offences and both the production and supply of drugs.

Marilyn has experience in prosecutions brought by the Financial Conduct Authority, Serious Fraud Office, Trading Standards and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. She has represented clients facing confiscation enforcement proceedings and advised in a range of matters including cash seizure and forfeiture. She can quickly assimilate substantial amounts of material and is skilled at identifying key issues.

Marilyn is regularly instructed in serious and organised crime. She has both acted and advised in high profile and complex trials, including large-scale conspiracies to commit violence, fraud and drug offences. She has an engaging court style and a firm yet steadfast approach.  She is frequently instructed as sole and led junior.



HomicideViolent CrimeFraud & Proceeds of CrimeSerious & Organised CrimeSexual Offences

Marilyn is instructed as led junior counsel in allegations of murder. She is experienced in cases involving multiple defendants and has particular experience in cases involving gang-related violence. Notable cases over the last 3 years include:

  • Operation Vanquish  Led defence counsel in a multi-handed drug and gang related murder, involving complex issues relating to joint enterprise and secondary parties, severance, cell-site evidence, bad character and hearsay.
  • R v B  Led defence counsel in a multi-handed murder in which the victim was stabbed four times to the chest.

Marilyn is a specialist in cases concerning allegations of serious and violent crime. She has considerable experience in representing young and/or vulnerable clients including those who have mental health or psychological difficulties that may impair their ability to communicate. Notable cases over the last 3 years include:

  • R v A  For the first defendant in a cut throat defence of a 5-handed affray using belt buckles and recorded on CCTV.  Trial issues included the admissibility of bad character evidence: defendant acquitted.
  • R v SD  4-handed armed robbery where the robbers forced their way into the victim’s home, subjected him to violence and sexual degradation and stole high value items. The victim escaped by jumping from an upper floor window. The case involved complex issues of bad character and joint enterprise.
  • R v W  Represented female defendant of good character charged with s.18 wounding/GBH after stabbing her partner.
  • R v D  Possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. The defendant was seen to be in possession of a firearm on CCTV footage following an altercation with a group of unknown males. Defendant acquitted on all counts.
  • R v F  Possession of a prohibited weapon and assault. Not guilty verdicts entered on all counts after application to dismiss.
  • R v H  Represented mother jointly charged with her partner for child cruelty offences. The case resulted in a Newton hearing and involved the cross-examination of two child complainants.

Marilyn regularly represents clients charged with fraud and proceeds of crime offences. She has provided advice and assistance in preparation and/or anticipation of criminal litigation and is instructed both as led junior and alone. Notable cases over the last 3 years include:

  • R v K (2017 and ongoing)  Defending a conspiracy to defraud Natwest.
  • R v H  Defended theft of £40k worth of camera equipment after fraudulently obtaining insurance for the equipment and then dishonestly claiming she had been the victim of a violent robbery.
  • R v B  Defended a sophisticated £1m wine investment fraud which used a wine investment company to facilitate the fraud from its inception.
  • Operation Abacus  Led defence counsel in a 4-handed document heavy SFO case alleging a 6 year £40m false invoice and factoring fraud against Barclays bank. The client was acquitted on all counts.
  • R v N  Defended high value benefit fraud.

Marilyn is frequently instructed in serious and organised crime both as led junior and alone. She is experienced in representing clients across a range of offences, including those involving large-scale conspiracies with multiple defendants. Notable cases over the last 3 years include:

  • R v S (2017 and ongoing)  Defending the first defendant in a 3-handed conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.
  • R v N  Defended joint enterprise assisting illegal entry into UK.
  • Operation Vanish  Led counsel for the first defendant in a 5-handed conspiracy to commit multiple armed robberies involving  telephone, imagery, DNA experts, the admissibility of bad character evidence to ascertain gang membership and the use of ‘rap lyrics’ to establish ‘confession’ evidence.
  • R v B  Defended a 6-handed conspiracy to commit multiple counts of blackmail and false imprisonment.
  • Operation Haze  Defended a large-scale 5-handed, 5 week conspiracy to cultivate Class B drugs which involved  extensive telephone and cell-site evidence.

Marilyn has experience in representing clients charged with allegations of sexual offending. Recent instructions include rape, sexual assault and the possession or production of indecent images. Notable cases over the last 3 years include:

  • R v K (2017 and ongoing)  Defending rape, assault by penetration and sexual assault against a work colleague.
  • R v S (2017 and ongoing)  Defending multiple allegations of historical indecent assault against a minor.
  • R v M  Successfully defended sexual assault committed within a domestic violence context.
  • R v E  Defendant charged with sexually touching a client whilst working at a leading beauty establishment. The trial involved cross-examination of the complainant via video-link.
  • R v C  Defended a rape which was discontinued following service of a defence skeleton argument.


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