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Cameron Brown QC

Cameron Brown QC

Call: 1998     Silk: 2020

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Cameron specialises in the most serious fraud, corruption and Company Act cases.

Recognised in the Legal 500, he is known for his down to earth approach to clients, detailed case preparation and targeted, fearless cross examination.

He is regularly instructed in such cases by private individuals and major corporate clients, to appear in court or an advisory basis, who appreciate his tactical approach, commitment to clients and commercial judgement. He has considerable knowledge and experience of compliance issues, internal investigations by the leading prosecuting and other regulatory agencies, corporate criminal liability and Deferred Prosecution Agreements. He has appeared in a number of cases involving complex market frauds, international corruption and legal professional privilege issues. He has specialist knowledge of disclosure issues and restraint/ confiscation applications arising in financial crime investigations/ prosecutions.

His experience and approach led to a number of notable appointments prior to taking silk, including Standing Counsel to the Insolvency Service and a member of the ‘A’ Panel for the Serious Fraud Office. He has acted for the FCA in a number of their cases. He conducted a number of major cases for those agencies, frequently as leading Junior.

Cameron is well placed to advise on the latest developments in white collar crime, having appeared regularly and recently at the Court of Appeal, including in a number of leading authorities relating to money laundering and confiscation. He has previously contributed to Lexis/ Nexis in relation to fraud offences and lectured to Police Forces, Government Departments and Law firms on topics ranging from the FCA to Police Disciplinary Powers.

Cameron sits part time as a Judge in a number of regulatory disciplines and is thus well placed to assess cases from a judicial standpoint. This includes sitting as an independent judge for the Met, City of London Police and Ministry of Defence Police. He also sits as judge for England Golf and the Lawn Tennis Association, in relation to their disciplinary and safeguarding cases, and is familiar with many of the issues arising in sports litigation.

Cameron is able to accept cases through direct access and is GDPR accredited. Cameron is an associate member of St Pauls Chambers, Leeds.

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Practice Areas –

  • Criminal Defence & Prosecution

Cameron prosecutes on behalf of the leading government agencies, including the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, CPS Fraud Divisions and the Insolvency Service. Cameron defends high net worth individuals and Companies involved in cases of complex fraud and corruption

  • Fraud & Financial Regulation

Cameron has particular experience in large scale VAT/ MTIC and investor frauds, having been involved in a number of such cases brought by CPS Fraud Divisions as leading, evidential and disclosure Counsel. He also has significant experience in corruption cases, having dealt with a number of such cases on behalf of the Serious Fraud Office and the CPS. He has also acted as a LPP Counsel in a number of significant cases.

  • Asset Recovery, Restraint and Confiscation

Cameron has been involved in the prosecution and defence of a number of related and non-related confiscation/ recovery of proceeds of crime cases, under both the CJA 1988 and POCA regimes.

  • Professional Discipline

Cameron also undertakes regulatory work, in particular in relation to accountants and actuaries. He has appeared on a number of occasions at the First Tier Tax Tribunal and High Court on VAT related cases.

Court of Appeal

  • R v O Reported Court of Appeal decision in relation to sentencing guidelines following convictions for offences under sections 2 and 4 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. See R v. Onabanjo [2001] 2 Cr. App. R. (S.) 7
  • R v L Acted for the Crown in the Court of Appeal in an appeal against conviction dealing with the circumstances in which a judge is required to leave the defence of duress to a jury. See R v. Lyness [2002] EWCA Crim 1759.
  • R v A. Cameron appeared for the Crown. Case involving the circumstances where a court could go behind a confiscation made by consent. Here, the defendant had been told that the judge had excluded the possibility of an adjournment, which could have allowed him to reduce his realisable assets figure. R v Ayankoya, 2011 EWCA Crim 1488.
  • R v P. Cameron appeared for the Crown. The Court of Appeal rejected the appeal against conviction and sentence. In relation to conviction, the Court rejected ‘body of opinion that a prosecution case based on circumstantial evidence is weaker than a case involving direct evidence’. Such cases did not inevitably require a special direction. R v Patel, 2015 EWCA Crim 1998.
  • R v A. Court of Appeal emphasised that the money laundering of this scale was a ‘serious and grave social evil’ but insufficient credit had been given for personal mitigation. R v Aslam, 2017 EWCA Crim 277.
  • R v F and W. Cameron appeared fro the Crown. The Court of Appeal determined that in relation to the category of harm of a money laundering offence under the Sentencing Council’s Definitive guidelines, the scale of the harm had to be measured by the total amount of the funds which included criminal proceeds, not just by the amount of the criminal proceeds themselves. R v Fulton and Wood, 2017 2 Cr. App. R. (S.) 11.
  • R v G. Cameron appeared for the Crown. The Court of Appeal indicated that despite the delays in obtaining expert evidence, a period of 300 days was not justified in the circumstances. Furthermore, the absence of psychological evidence before the jury in this case did not render the conviction unsafe. The appellant had been aware of her psychological issues and had made the decision not to disclose it. There was no suggestion she was not fit to stand trial. The evidence properly went to her sentence, not her conviction. R v Gerald, 2018 EWCA Crim 1703.
  • R v F. Court of Appeal determined that the amounts laundered by a foreign exchange dealer who had engaged in missing trader fraud had been rightly calculated by reference to the sums that he had moved through a money service bureau’s account. Whilst he had received only a small personal profit by way of commission, that commission was based on the turnover of the business and was therefore a share in the proceeds of the laundered monies. Cameron appeared for the Crown. R v Fulton, 2019 4 W.L.R.


  • R v J Acted for the Crown in the prosecution of a senior member of the ‘Trident Ploughshares’ nuclear disarmament action group following an attempted raid of the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston.
  • R v H Defending an allegation of murder at Oxford Crown Court as Junior Counsel.
  • R v. M Appeared as defence counsel at Southwark Crown Court in case involving significant breaches of CITES legislation (commercial importation and exportation of hippo, elephant and whale ivory).
  • Operation Spallation, R v T and Others Cameron was Junior Prosecution Counsel in this successful CPS Fraud Group Prosecution of two Customs Officers and associated cash and carry  traders (8 further Defendants) at the Central Criminal Court. The Prosecution involved serious allegations of corruption and resulted in 9 convictions and various sentences of imprisonment.
  • R v C Cameron was sole prosecution Counsel in this NHS Protect/CPS Prosecution. The case involved the Defendant making various applications for senior public health positions in the NHS and other bodies, having previously been convicted of similar offences. The Defendants pleaded guilty on the morning of trial and is due to be sentenced in January 2017.
  • R v A Cameron, instructed by the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS, prosecuted Jon Andrewes in relation to one count of obtaining property by deception and two counts of fraud by misrepresentation. The counts related to misrepresentations Andrewes made as to his qualifications and employment history over a ten-year period to obtain senior positions in the NHS, including chair of the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, earning in excess of £1 million over that period. Andrewes was sentenced to two years imprisonment on the 6th March 2017, with confiscation proceedings to follow.

Large Scale Dishonesty

  • R v Cenares First successful prosecution of South American ATM manipulation gang at Southwark Crown Court.
  • Operation Twilight: R v N and three others Successful prosecution of Operation Twilight, involving 154 witnesses and over 3,000 exhibits at Inner London Crown Court. The Case involved raids of some 24 Pret a Manger restaurants.
  • Operation Solution: R v S and eight others Successful prosecution of Operation Solution at Southwark Crown Court involving large scale postal theft (£6 million pounds). Subject of a BBC documentary.
  • Operation Ides: R v A and 4 others Prosecution of Operation Ides at Southwark Crown Court. The case involved the hijacking of benefit claims between 1999 and 2004. Three Defendants pleaded guilty and two defendants had a six week trial. Cameron was sole prosecution Counsel and conducted confiscation proceedings after the trial, including the appeal to the Court of Appeal.  See – [2011] EWCA Crim 1488; [2011] Lloyd’s Rep. F.C. 584; Official Transcript and reported at Archbold at 5 – 1043.
  • R v K and 6 others Appeared as sole defence counsel in January 2007 in relation to an allegation of conspiracy to money launder with six others. Defendant pleaded guilty on third day of trial following service of additional evidence.
  • Operation Yogin: R v F and others Appeared as junior prosecution counsel for RCPO in a trial relating to the importation of 12 million counterfeit cigarettes. Conducted re-trial alone of one defendant.  See R v Draper, Eastabrook and Frost [2008] EWCA Crim 3206
  • R v A Sole Prosecution counsel in 2008 case involving large-scale money laundering following £3 million pound benefit fraud.
  • R v L Successfully represented defendant accused of fraudulent trading. Defendant alleged to have been involved in large-scale fraud involving assistance aid products for the elderly and disabled.
  • R v EL Junior Prosecution junior (led by Cairns Nelson QC) in prosecution of case involving importation of heroin and cocaine, with a value in the region of £1.5 million pounds.
  • Operation Airdrop: R v AOH Sole Prosecution counsel in cases concerning numerous money laundering offences following a multi-million pound benefit fraud, all of which resulted in substantial sentences of imprisonment and confiscation orders.
  • R v GCWX Sole Prosecution counsel in this successful prosecution of four individuals involved in commercial importation of cigarettes, with over 15 million cigarettes and 2.5 tonnes of tobacco imported.
  • Operation Decade, R v W and 2 others Cameron was one of two juniors (led by Jonathan Kinnear QC) in this successful prosecution of an accountant and two property developers charged with evading over £1 million in income tax, through the double manipulation of their accounts and tax returns. The case involved the management of over one million pages of unused material and extensive evidence from forensic accountants. Cameron was primarily responsible for the disclosure exercise, in addition to acting as Junior Counsel during the trial.
  • R v M Sole Prosecution Counsel in this successful CPS Fraud Group Prosecution. The case involved the investment of £760,000 of monies over an eight year period into a wine investment portfolio which in fact did not exist.
  • R v A Sole Prosecution Counsel in this successful Serious Fraud Office prosecution of Andrew Litt, Company Director of DJ Litt. The case involved a classic Ponzi style fraud relating to expensive shotguns and firearms, with funds from new creditors being used to pay older creditors. Some £57.5 million was invested, with losses in the region of £8.2 million.
  • Operation Vaulter, R v D and Others Cameron acted as Junior Prosecution Counsel in this successful CPS Fraud group prosecution of a multi-handed £20 million pound MTIC fraud, at Kingston Crown Court.
  • Operation Jammed Cameron was leading Counsel in this successful CPS Organised Crime Division prosecution of 4 individuals responsible for the laundering of the proceeds of a £7 million theft of carbon credits from the Czech Republic. Cameron also responded to the unsuccessful appeals to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.
  • Operation Vista, R v M and Others Cameron acted as junior Prosecution Counsel in this multi million pound money laundering prosecution brought by CPS Fraud Group North at Manchester Crown Court. The case involved 7 defendants, including those responsible for organising the laundering of the funds from a European VAT fraud and the owner/employee of the money service business (Omnis FX Capital) who distributed the funds. The six Defendants received total combined sentences in excess of twenty years.
  • R v G Cameron acted in this successful CPS Fraud Group North prosecution of a Family law solicitor, who was convicted of four counts of fraud by false representation relating to her tax returns.
  • Operation Rosary, R v FW Cameron was lead Junior (led by by Jane Bewsey QC) in this successful CPS Fraud Group North prosecution of two directors involved in a substantial Carousel/ MTIC fraud. Cameron oversaw the disclosure process over a four year period as well as acting as lead Junior during the original three month trial and re-trial.
  • R v B and 17 others. 2017. First Junior Counsel in SFO prosecution involving 18 defendants. Sustained corruption at freight forwarding company in oil business. Supervised the preparation of case for trial and disclosure process over 3 years.
  • R v D and 10 others. 2018. Appeared for Crown as lead Counsel in a case involving significant evasion of duty on cigarettes (5 million) and tobacco (320 kilos). Defence represented by Queen’s Counsel.
  • R v S. 2018. Instructed to represent CPS in contentious allegations of misconduct following decision to drop case. £60,000 in wasted costs claimed following alleged failure by investigators to review mobile telephone evidence. The claim was rejected by the Court.
  • R v L and A. 2018 – 2019. Leading Counsel for Crown – 2 month trial. Case involved 2 accountants offering Ponzi scheme to 12 victims. Over £7.5 million lost, with evidence called from Singapore authorities. Defence represented by two Queen’s Counsel. Over 10,000 pages of evidence.
  • R v M and 4 others – 2019. Leading Crown Counsel at Central Criminal Court in two 6 week trials re: importation (£32million) and production (£60million) of unlicensed steroids. Largest ever case relating to unlicensed steroids brought by National Crime Agency. Case involved 17,000 pages of evidence. Defence represented by Queen’s Counsel.
  • R v A and 4 others – 2019. Leading Crown Counsel at Bristol Crown Court re: allegations of misuse of grant funds given to a hospice in Southwest. 8 week trial.


  • R v DConvictions secured on behalf of BIS in relation to trading under a prohibited name and fraudulently failing to disclose the removal of assets from a company. Cameron acted as sole Prosecution Counsel. Confiscation order made in the amount of £160,000, following legal argument about the impact of R v N.
  • R v David Liddicott Convictions secured on behalf of Dept. for BIS in relation to fraudulent disposal of property following a bankruptcy order, falsification of a document relating to his affairs and concealing debts following a bankruptcy order.
  • R v MB Cameron acted alone as Prosecution Counsel in this successful Dept. for BIS prosecution in Aylesbury Crown Court. The Prosecution involved an undischarged bankrupt, assisted by his book keeper, acting in the management of two Companies and fraudulently removing Company Property. The conviction of the undischarged bankrupt resulted in a sentence of 20 months imprisonment and 7.5 year director disqualification.
  • R v H Successful Dept. for BIS prosecution of a shadow director who managed three companies, including one with a prohibited company name, where losses of in excess of £2 million were sustained.
  • R v M Cameron acted as leading Prosecution Counsel, along with Daniel Stevenson of these chambers, in this successful Thames Valley CPS prosecution at Amersham Crown Court. Following a five week trial the Defendant was convicted of 6 counts of fraud, fraudulent trading and forgery, principally relating to a property investment scheme. He was sentenced to 7 years in custody, a ten year director disqualification and a 5 year Serious Crime Prevention order.
  • R v LO Cameron was sole prosecution Counsel in this successful Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy prosecution at Leeds Crown Court. The case involved allegations of failing to keep accounting records that were sufficient to show and explain the transactions of the Company, misconduct in the course of winding up and making material omissions in statements relating to the affairs of the Company. The Defendants received suspended sentences of imprisonment, 200 hours of community service each and ten year director disqualifications.
  • R v DM Cameron acted as sole prosecution Counsel in this successful Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy prosecution at Kingston Crown Court. The case involved allegations of managing and promoting a Compant, Lord Moser PLC, while disqualified from doing so. The Defendants received substantial fines, costs orders and Djurberg was disqualified as acting a director for a further term.


Cameron has previously advised in relation to the AADB investigation into Actuaries connected to Equitable Life. He has appeared in a number of cases in the High Court and First Tier Tax Tribunal relating to HMRC’s denial of input tax.

In 2014 Cameron assisted the FCA civil investigation, including the compilation of a large number of witness statements, into the case of Alberto Micallizi, the former hedge fund manager and CEO of Dynamic Decisions Capital Management Limited (DDCM).

In 2017 Cameron was instructed by the FCA to carry out an LLP review of in excess of 30,000 electronic documents in relation to one of its more significant criminal investigations.

Following his appointment to the list of advocates prosecuting on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive, Cameron acted in the successful prosecution of Kismet Kebabs, a small kebab processing factory. The company’s failure to follow correct health and safety procedures in relation to its machinery led to the serious injury of one of its employees. The Company was fined £17,500 and ordered to pay a substantial sum towards prosecution costs.

Cameron sits as a Legally Qualified Chair for the Metropolitan, City of London and Ministry of Defence Police. He also sits as a Legally Qualified Chair for the Lawn Tennis Association and England Golf and Legal Assessor for the HCPC. Cameron is thus very experienced in such regulatory matters.

  • HMRC v A £15.8 million judgment secured in the High Court against former director of Mediagrade Limited, a company involved in large-scale MTIC/ VAT fraud.

Expert Texts

Cameron has written in relation to insolvency/ bankruptcy offences and cheating the Revenue.


Chambers UK 2021: ranked in Criminal Fraud. ‘A superb advocate who is calm, strategic and a formidable opponent.’


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St Peter’s College, Oxford University – 1993 – 1996 (BA and MA – Jurisprudence – Upper Second)

Inns of Court School of Law – 1997 – 1998 – ‘Very Competent’

Inner Temple Neville Laski QC scholar

University of Toledo Law School, Foreign Intern

Appointed a member of the New York Bar –  1999

Qualified to accept instructions through direct access


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Associate Member – St Paul’s Chambers, Leeds

Fraud Lawyers Association – Former Committee Member

Criminal Bar Association

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (ARDL)


Professional Appointments

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Legally Qualified Chair for the Lawn Tennis Association, dealing with disciplinary complaints relating to safeguarding (2018 – Current)

Legally Qualified Chair (LQC) for Police Misconduct Hearings (Metropolitan, City of London, Ministry of Defence and British Transport Police) (2018 – Current)

Legal Assessor – Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)  (2018 – Current)

England Golf Disciplinary Panel Chair (2017 – Current)

Standing Counsel to the Insolvency Service (2017 – Current)

‘A’ List for SFO Prosecution Panel & Proceeds of Crime Panel (2013 – Current)

Appointed to the Fraud and Serious Crime Group Panels at Level 4 (2013 – Current)

Appointed to the CPS Advocate Panel at Level 4 (2013 – Current)

Appointed to the List of Advocates Prosecuting on behalf of HSE, ORR and the Environment Agency (2012 – Current) Appointed SFO Counsel (2009)

Chair of the Scrutiny Committee, Sevenoaks District Council (2015 – Current)

Member of the Planning Committee, Sevenoaks District Council (2015 – Current)

District Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council (2007 – Current)

Appointed to the Attorney General’s list of Prosecuting Advocates (2006 and 2002)


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Leading Silk in the Chambers UK Bar legal directory (see Recommendations)