Michelle Nelson QC in conversation with UCL

March 24, 2021
Michelle Nelson QC will be taking part in a conversation entitled “Shift 25: Constructing a fundamental shift in the UK’s ethnicity and equality narrative” as part of UCL’S MAPS (Mathematical and Physical Sciences) Lunch Hour Conversations 2020-2021 on “Tackling racial inequity in higher education and STEM.” The event takes place on Wed March 24th from 1-2pm.
Michelle Nelson QC defends and prosecutes across the criminal spectrum and is Head of the Equality and Diversity Committee at Red Lion Chambers. She will be joined by Julie Hutchinson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at East London Business Alliance and London Works Managing Director.

The aim of UCL’s MAP Lunch Hour conversation series is to create a safe and open space for continuous dialogue among members of the MAPS Faculty in order to gain understanding of the different forms of racism and how UCL can play its part to strengthen an anti-racism culture in its work and study environments.

Michelle Nelson QC and Julie Hutchison are founding members of SHIFT25, an initiative to bring together a group of senior and influential Black and Minority Ethnic professionals across all sectors to enhance the voice of the Black and Ethnic Minority communities and create a fundamental shift as to equalise opportunities in education, recruitment and progression by 2025.

For more information on SHIFT25 please visit: [SHIFT25 – Our objectives]


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