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Edmund Vickers QC

Edmund Vickers QC

Call: 1993     Silk: 2017

T: 0207 520 6000    E: chambers@18rlc.co.uk

Ed is ranked in Chambers UK and the Legal 500 as a ‘Leading Silk’, and is described as ‘An excellent silk who remains utterly calm at all times’ Chambers UK (2022); ‘Measured, calm and determined, Edmund’s knowledge of the law is par excellence and coupled with his good judgement, he achieves excellent results for his clients. His sole focus is the best outcome for his clients’ Legal 500 (2022); ‘A talented advocate’ who ‘exudes gravitas and authority’ Chambers UK (2021); ‘He is particular about his preparation and has that talent in silk of taking points that others might dismiss on first blush and pushing them successfully through the style of his advocacy and the confidence of his understanding of the law’ Legal 500 (2021) and as having ‘a first class legal mind allied to a very charming and persuasive style’ Legal 500 (2020).

Ed is instructed in the most serious criminal cases at Crown Court, High Court and Appellate level.

Ed both defends and prosecutes in murder and organised crime cases and his skills in cross examination, dealing with experts and analysing detail has led to a growing white collar crime practice (complex fraud, money laundering and cases before the tax tribunal). Ed is regularly asked to advise companies and individuals involved in business, tax and complex fraud investigations and to advise at an early stage so that strategic decisions can be made involving matters such as voluntary disclosure, Legal Professional Privilege and confidentiality.

Ed has appeared in many high profile cases particularly at the Old Bailey (murder and organised crime) and Southwark Crown Court (London’s fraud trial centre), and has enjoyed success in cases as diverse as defending protesters storming the House of Commons, prosecuting the police in the Tuition Fees Riot in Parliament Sq, and successfully defending in the UK’s first FGM trial. With over 25 years’ experience of forensic advocacy both defending and prosecuting, Ed is instructed by a wide range of firms of City and High Street solicitors and prosecuting authorities.

Ed is a lead advocacy trainer at the Hon Soc Middle Temple and is a member of the Scholarship panel at the Inn. He is a Trustee and former treasurer of the Kalisher Trust, a charity that encourages and supports students from non-traditional backgrounds to go on to higher education and pursue a career in the Law, promoting greater diversity throughout the criminal justice system. He is currently lead trustee of the Kalisher Trust mentoring programme, pairing students with senior members of the Bar and Judiciary.

In 2021, Ed chaired the Criminal Bar Association C-21 Working Group, examining issues facing criminal practitioners in the Crown Court. The report was published in January 2022 and called for the establishment of the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice without further delay. Read the report here: [Criminal Bar]

Homicide & Violent CrimeSexual Offences and TraffickingOrganised CrimeFraud & Corporate CrimeProceeds of Crime (POCA) Terrorism

Ed regularly appears for the defence in murder cases in London (mainly the Old Bailey) and around the country. He also is instructed to prosecute in cases involving homicide. He has particular expertise in cross examining experts in the fields of pathology, histopathology and DNA.

Recent cases include:

  • R v R (2022) Prosecuting on-going murder trial
  • R v O (2022) Prosecuting on-going murder case
  • R v H (2022) Defending in multi handed on-going murder case
  • R v L (2022) Successful defence in multi-handed murder trial
  • R v W (2021) Defence in murder where victim left in persistent vegetative state died 13 yrs after original assault
  • R v M (2021) Defence of gang member in Birmingham drive-by shooting
  • R v T (2021) Defence of youth in London East End gang murder
  • R v S (2020) Successful defence of vulnerable man accused of murder

Earlier cases include:

  • R v W Successful defence of a gang/drugs related
  • R v H Successful defence of 14 yr old boy in murder allegation
  • R v H Defence of wife accused of murdering husband
  • R v M Care-worker accused of mentally and psychologically abusing 90yr old patient with Alzheimer’s
  • R v L Successful defence of a murder in HMP Coldingley
  • R v O Conspiracy by police officers to pervert the course of justice following assault on political protester in Parliament Square
  • R v G Pimlico gang murder/perverting the course of justice
  • R v F Successful defence of Islington gang murder/conspiracy to cause GBH by gang armed with knives.
  • R v C The Aylesbury YOI prison mutiny.
  • R v H Successful prosecution gang of youths armed with various weapons and a dog, committing robberies on Wandsworth Common.
  • R v F Conspiracy to commit armed robberies.

Since taking silk, Ed has also been instructed to prosecute murder and other complex cases.

Ed is often instructed in the most serious sexual offence cases, including ‘date rape’, paedophilia and incest. He is a specialist in cases involving vulnerable witnesses, especially those with learning or mental health difficulties and is a lead advocacy trainer for The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (handling vulnerable witnesses) and at the Middle Temple. He has particular expertise in cross examining experts on DNA, as well as psychiatrists and psychologists about mental health issues and defences. He has particular expertise in cross examining experts on DNA, as well as psychiatrists and psychologists about mental health issues and defences.

  • R v W Successful prosecution of historical rape and other offences by former football coach
  • R v T Successful prosecution of historical sex abuse by former football coach
  • R v D and H Successfully defended in first FGM trial in the UK.
  • R v A Successfully defended in human trafficking case in which woman accused of trying to smuggle a 10yr old girl into the country.
  • R v B Successfully prosecuted a serial sex offender for 23 offences of rape and child abuse committed against eight victims (including family members) over 30 years.
  • R v J Old Bailey Internet paedophile making arrangements for child abuse.
  • R v W Oxford CC Deputy head teacher accused of grooming underage male pupil for sex.
  • R v S Blackfriars CC Hospital care assistant accused of raping and abusing patients with MS and muscular dystrophy.Earlier cases include
  • R v C Grandfather accused of raping granddaughter.
  • R v A Father accused of raping daughter.

Ed has been instructed in a series of high profile organised crime cases, including the Heathrow armed robbery.

  • R v R  Successfully defended in 12-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the Midlands and West Yorkshire.
  • R v W Successfully prosecuted 5 defendants in a large scale conspiracy to supply firearms to the criminal underworld in South London.
  • R v NSeries of armed robberies of bookmakers.
  • R v WSuccessfully defended in large scale conspiracy to launder drugs money.
  • R v S Conspiracy to steal copper wiring from railways/London Underground by Eastern European gangs.
  • R v T £1.75m armed robbery of secure currency warehouse at Heathrow Airport.

Ed is regularly instructed in complex fraud cases, where focussed preparation, the martialling of large amounts of material and early, detailed analysis of the central issues are critical.

  • R v P and Others Successful Insolvency Service prosecution of multi handed ‘long firm fraud’
  • R v D and Others Successful prosecution of money laundering operation through bureau de change
  • R v C Successfully led for prosecution in £1.2 million EU grants fraud administered by the Home Office.
  • R v D) Successfully led for prosecution in 7-handed 10 million pound money laundering case.
  • R v S £500k advance fees fraud in mobile phone industry.
  • R v O Abuse of trust fraud by carer who persuaded two clients to make her their main beneficiary in their wills, whilst systematically stealing from their accounts.
  • R v P sophisticated £200k art fraud in which pictures by Warhol, Kitaj and Munch were allegedly copied and sold at auction.
  • R v F Identity fraud involving the setting up of false bank accounts by bank employee.
  • R v G £5 million business rates fraud by council employee.
  • R v B £300,000 fees fraud by insurance broker.

Ed has also been privately instructed to prosecute numerous trademark fraud cases at the Magistrates Court.

Ed has vast experience in money laundering and confiscation cases and is particularly familiar with its complexities.

  • R v D and Others Led for the prosecution in 7-handed £10 million pound money laundering case.
  • R v W and others Large scale conspiracy to launder millions of pounds of drugs money and mortgage fraud.
  • R v McK Money laundering profits from internet ‘escort agencies’.
  • HMRC v K & K Money lenders and money bureau fraud – conspiracy to launder millions of pounds through MSBs.
  • R v M and others £500,000 fraud against charities such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.
  • R v S and S (Led by 2 QCs) High-profile London City Bond cases, involving massive scale money laundering.

Ed has some experience in this field having appeared in cases of international arms dealing and money laundering linked to terrorism. Ed has trained CT prosecutors in Africa on behalf the UN and DFID. For further information please contact Mark Bennett, Practice Manager

Professional Disciplinary & Regulatory

Ed’s years’ of  experience in fraud cases, his track record in cross-examining experts, forensic accountants, fraud investigators and auditors and other experts, together with his ability to identify central issues and solutions allow him to bring invaluable skills to such cases.

He is available for instruction in:

  • Appeals before the Tax Tribunal. He has  and has taken appeals to the First Tier and Upper Tier Tribunals and the Court of Appeal.
  • Regulatory/disciplinary tribunals.
  • Financial Services Regulation

Cases include:

  • Atlantic Electronics Ltd v Commissioners for HMRC £1.2m VAT Appeal
  • Refill Ink Centre Ltd v Commissioners for HMRC £8.9m VAT Appeal.
  • NB v General Pharmaceutical Council

Inquiries & Appellate Work

Ed has extensive experience advising in appeals to the High Court (Judicial Review) and Court of Appeal. He has also advised, pro bono, in capital and non-capital murder cases for death row prisoners seeking to appeal from the West Indies to the Privy Council. Relevant cases include:

  • R v F  Appeal against conviction involving contempt of court by juror.  The case involved an exhaustive enquiry by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, after a successful application to the Lord Chief Justice.
  • R v T Court overturned conviction based on alleged cell confession.

Ed is available for instruction in public inquiry work and Coroners’ inquests. His has successfully represented a numismatist in a rare case of a jury inquest into treasure trove; and his knowledge of cross examining experts and vulnerable witnesses, is well suited to public enquiry work. Moreover, his negotiations with government ministers and civil servants on behalf of the criminal Bar and his involvement in preparing CBA responses to government consultations has provided him with an invaluable insight into examining and challenging government decision-making.

In 2020-21, Ed chaired CBA working group on the Criminal Justice System which produced a report on issues facing practitioners in the Crown Court; see [CBA]

Publications, Lectures and Training
  • Presentation to DPP of Nigeria and counter-terrorism prosecutors re Rule of Law/Human Rights/Codes of Conduct
  • Lead facilitator at UN conference on counter-terrorism investigations and prosecutions in Nigeria
  • Trainer re handling vulnerable witnesses for Advocacy Training Council/Inns of Court College of Advocacy
  • Advocacy Trainer for The Advocacy Training Council/Inns of Court College of Advocacy
  • Advocacy Trainer for Middle Temple
  • Scholarship Panel for Middle Temple
  • Ed has written articles for the Times, Counsel Magazine and Archbold News and is regularly asked to provide opinion pieces on legal issues that arise in the news.
  • He is a contributing editor of ‘Corker and Young on Abuse of Process’
  • Ed has lectured for the RLC Lecture Series on prosecutions brought by the Serious Fraud Office.

In 2020-21 Ed chaired the Criminal Bar Association working group on the Criminal Justice System. The report on issues faced by practitioners in the Crown Court is here: [CBA]


  • “A lawyer with a brilliant brain.” – Chambers UK (2021)
  • “He is a talented advocate” who “exudes gravitas and authority.” – Chambers UK (2021)
  • “He is particular about his preparation and has that talent in silk of taking points that others might dismiss on first blush and pushing them successfully through the style of his advocacy and the confidence of his understanding of the law.” – Legal 500 (2021)
  • “He has a first-class legal mind allied to a very charming and persuasive style.” – Legal 500 (2020)


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Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Trustee and Treasurer of The Kalisher Trust – A legal charity established to encourage students from non-traditional backgrounds to develop advocacy skills and to assist them pursue a career in criminal law.



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Leading Silk in the Legal 500 and Chambers UK Bar directories (see Recommendations)