Ed Vickers KC asks “Is it time for a Royal Commission?”

June 21, 2024

Ed Vickers KC has written an opinion piece published in Solicitors Journal asking which political party is going to have the courage to acknowledge the extent of the crisis in the Criminal Justice System and act to find solutions?

His article asks the future government to establish a Royal Commission which should see a focus on policing, addressing the court backlogs, dealing with the overcrowding of prisons and the underfunding of the CJS as it stands today. Ed comments:

“It is abundantly clear that the fundamental problems that exist across the criminal justice system in 2024 cannot be solved without significant political and financial commitment”

Read full piece here: [Solicitors Journal ]

In 2021, Ed chaired the Criminal Bar Association C-21 Working Group, examining issues facing criminal practitioners in the Crown Court. The report was published in January 2022 and called for the establishment of the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice without further delay:[Criminal Bar ]