Simon Spence QC and Noel Casey Successfully Prosecute in Child Sexual Abuse Case That Spanned 26 Years

May 25, 2018

Following a two month trial at Birmingham CC, Simon Spence QC and Noel Casey , obtained a total of 38 convictions in a case concerning a paedophile ring in Coventry. The case involved a total of ten defendants and seven complainants, with allegations ranging from child rape and sexual abuse of children as young as 7, to child neglect, spanning a period between 1989 and 2015.

The case originated in the Family Court, thus creating a vast body of unused material that required careful management and sifting with regard to disclosure.

Evidence was obtained from numerous vulnerable witnesses, often in difficult video interviews, with special measures having to be deployed in nearly all cases. Substantial legal argument addressed the admissibility of either the Guilty pleas or significant admissions made by other defendants or parties to the case