Simon Spence KC appears on “Get Legally Speaking” podcast

May 9, 2023

Simon Spence KC was interviewed by Hattie Suvari of “Get Legally Speaking” podcast in an episode entitled: “Manslaughter – Voluntary vs Involuntary, What Is the Difference?”

Simon Spence KC has prosecuted and defended numerous murder and non-fatal violent offences in East Anglia and London for many years, as a junior and in silk. These cases include a number of very high profile and complex cases which have attracted national and international media attention including the successful prosecution of serial killer Steve Wright-who came to be known as the “Suffolk Strangler”. See more: [Simon Spence KC Profile]

Simon examines the two offences of Murder and manslaughter in the podcast as well as breaking down terms such as involuntary and voluntary manslaughter.
Listen to podcast here: [Get Legally Speaking]