Riel Karmy-Jones KC and Matthew Sorel-Cameron prosecute 17 year old for attempted murder

May 2, 2023

Riel Karmy-Jones KC and Matthew Sorel-Cameron have prosecuted 17 year old teenager Alex Tye who has been jailed for stabbing a 16 year old girl seven times in the back of the neck near her home in the village of Benhall, Suffolk at 2am on October 2, 2022.

The court heard that Tye’s girlfriend had broken up with him when she discovered Tye and the victim had secretly dated. He lured the victim out to the park late at night on the pretext of spending time with her, then as they were leaving, Tye fell behind, and produced the knife he had brought with him to the scene. Having stabbed the victim, he took away her mobile phone. She survived by pretending to be dead and not screaming until Tye had driven away from the scene. She lay face down on the grass, unable to move for over 4 hours, until she was found by a dog walker in the early hours of the morning. Emergency services were called. She survived by “pure chance”, one of the blows having severed her spine. Her life-changing injuries mean she is now paralysed with very limited movement below the her neck.

Tye pleaded guilty to attempted murder, and admitted possession of a bladed article. He was sentenced by Mr Justice Baker to detention for life with a minimum term of 12 and a half years at Ipswich Crown Court on Thursday 27 April, 2023.

Riel Karmy-Jones KC has over 20 years’ experience in serious crime and murder cases. She has led in many complex trials involving vulnerable victims:
[Riel Karmy-Jones KC profile ]

Matthew Sorel-Cameron has substantial experience of both defending and prosecuting cases of Violent Crime with significant experience in representing vulnerable clients and handling vulnerable witnesses: [Matthew Sorel-Cameron Profile]

Both were instructed by Nikki Miller of Suffolk CPS .

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