Riel Karmy-Jones KC and Lori Tucker secure guilty convictions in father and son Norfolk murder trial

March 13, 2023

Riel Karmy-Jones KC and Lori Tucker have secured guilty convictions in the double murder trial of a father and son.

The victim Matthew Rodwell had been in a relationship with the defendants’ estranged wife and mother Kerry Peckham, and had previously been subjected to aggression and threats from Wayne Peckham.

The defendants, suspecting that Mr. Rodwell was at Mrs. Peckham’s home, went to the address and moved the CCTV security cameras at both the front and in the back garden. Riley Peckham then effected entry to the house by climbing on the conservatory roof and knocking on a window, whereupon his unsuspecting mother let him in. Riley then signalled Wayne, and let him in through the front door. Riley found Matthew Rodwell hiding in a child’s bedroom. The victim died at the scene having being kicked, punched and stamped on by the father and son, who had also prised off a section of his little fingernail. At a post-mortem the cause of Matthew Rodwell’s death was identified as manual strangulation.

Wayne Peckham was detained at the scene, after he had initially tried to hide behind a curtain, fled into the garden where he hid behind some garden furniture. Riley Peckham was handcuffed, but escaped. He was found a couple of hours later at his step-grandfather’s address.

Following a 6 week trial at Norwich Crown Court, the jury took ten hours to find both unanimously guilty. In addition to the charge of murder, Wayne Peckham was convicted and another charge of assaulting ABH on Kerry Peckham on the night of the murder.

The defendants were both also convicted of other offences of ABH arising out of an incident approximately 6 weeks before the murder, where, after Riley had had an argument with a girl in Tescos, they had followed her to her boyfriend’s home, forced their way in through the patio doors, and assaulted her boyfriend and his stepfather who had come to their aid when he heard shouting.

Both will be sentenced on April 13.

Riel Karmy-Jones KC and Lori Tucker were instructed by Richard Paterson, Crown Advocate, Norwich CPS.

Riel Karmy-Jones KC is ranked in the Legal 500 in Tier 1 for Crime, her principal area of practice, and both prosecutes and defends. She has a high-profile practice which includes Murder & Manslaughter, Serious Organised Crime, Sexual Offences, and Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, particularly cases involving vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

Lori Tucker is a Crime specialist based in East Anglia. She covers all aspects of Crime with an emphasis on Serious Violence, Drugs Offences and Sexual Offences, being instructed both by the prosecution and defence.