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Lori Tucker

Lori Tucker

Call: 1982

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Lori joined chambers in 2010, bringing with her 24 years’ experience as a CPS prosecutor. She spent her last years in the CPS Special Casework/HCA Unit for Norfolk where she was responsible for some of the most serious investigations and prosecutions involving offences of serious violence, fraud, sexual crimes and drugs, particularly those involving the use of covert investigation by the police. Lori also provided training to the CPS, witness support and police, including the Major Incident Team, Drug and Serious Crime Squad and Child Protection Unit in respect of covert policing, sexual offences and disclosure.

Since her return to the independent Bar Lori has established an East Anglian based criminal practice covering all aspects of crime with an emphasis on serious violence, drug and sexual offences, being instructed both by the prosecution and defence. She has also been instructed by the Norfolk Constabulary as independent counsel to review seized material subject to LPP.


Proceeds of Crime (POCA) Organised CrimeHomicide and Violent CrimeSexual OffencesRoad Traffic

Lori is instructed to both prosecute and defend in POCA matters. During her time at the CPS Lori was the reviewing lawyer responsible for the prosecution of R v Benjafield [2003] 1 A.C. 1099 HL.

Lori has a particular aptitude for the prosecution and defence of organised gang related drug dealing and other organised crime. She has provided training to the police and CPS on covert law enforcement.

  • R v Love and others (2015) Defended conspiracy to supply controlled drugs.
  • R v Brown and others (2013) Prosecution of an organised gang responsible for the theft of high value plant across a number of counties. All defendants convicted.
  • R v Yiadom and others (2012) Prosecution of multi handed drug gang involving the use of covert surveillance and undercover police officers. Some members of the gang were subsequently prosecuted for murder in which Lori acted as junior counsel.
  • R v Burton and others (2011) Prosecution of a drug gang involved in a robbery in which a firearm was discharged and one member of the gang was fatally stabbed.

Lori has a wealth of experience in dealing with homicide, attempted homicide and solicitation to murder. During her time with the CPS she was responsible for preparing and prosecuting some of the most serious and complex homicide cases including Operation Mellor (2009), the kidnapping, torture and subsequent murder of a teenager by 3 adults. Lori received a Chief Constable’s Commendation for her advice work during the course of the police investigation, charging and subsequent trial preparation. Lori is also instructed as a prosecution junior in homicide.

She also has a long track record of both prosecuting and defending serious violence including kidnapping and blackmail.

  • R v Long and others (2017) Defending GBH and robbery.
  • R v Taylor and others (2016) Defending armed robbery.
  • R v Webster (2015) Defending a kidnapping and robbery of a vulnerable adult quadriplegic unable to speak: cross-examination had to be conducted through an intermediary and an interpreter.
  • R v H (2014) Defending a vulnerable elderly man suffering from a psychiatric condition charged with attempted murder of a neighbour. The defendant was unfit to plead and did not attend court. The jury acquitted.
  • R v Yiadom, St Paul and others (2012) Multi handed murder in which the defendants were a London criminal gang who had taken over drug dealing in Norwich and murdered a rival. One defendant gave evidence for the Crown. (Pros. Jnr)

Earlier cases as a CPS advocate:

  • R v Mitchell & Davis Junior counsel in a solicitation to murder, GBH and perverting the course of justice. A deaf defendant gave evidence for the Crown.
  • R v Lightening 16 year old charged with the murder of a neighbour. (Pros. Jnr)

Lori is a CPS Grade 3 Rape Panel Advocate. However, she both defends and prosecutes serious sex offences including abuse of both vulnerable adults and children. Lori has provided training to police officers attending the SSOT course.

  • R v Rynas (2017) Prosecution of offences of making indecent images of children.
  • R v E (2017) Defence of sexual assault on niece.
  • R v Waterfield (2016) Defence of multi-complainant, historic allegations of rape and sexual assault.
  • R v Griffiths (2013) Prosecution of rape and GBH.
  • R v G (2012) Defence of rape on a partner.
  • R v Hawkes (2012) Defence of multiple counts of historic rape and sexual assault against 4 girls.
  • R v Edmond (2011) Prosecution of a 31 year old male charged with sexual activity with a child aged 13.
  • R v C (2011) Defence of rape and assault on a former partner.

Lori is instructed to prosecute and defend in offences involving motor vehicles.

  • R v Bennett (2017) Defending dangerous driving where the defendant deliberately driving at pedestrians.
  • R v M (2014) Defending dangerous driving where the defendant was alleged to have deliberately driven his car at another man, hitting him and causing him to fall over the bonnet and roof of the car. Acquitted.



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