Rebecca Chalkley speaker in “Lessons from the Becker Trial”, The Fraud Conference

March 21, 2023

Rebecca Chalkley will be participating in a session entitled “Lessons from the Becker Trial” from 3-4pm at The Fraud Conference ‘Trust in Short Supply: Addressing the Integrity Deficit’ on Monday 27 March 2023 at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park.

Last April, Rebecca leading RLC member Sam Smart led the successful prosecution of six-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion Boris Becker for offences under the Insolvency Act relating to his bankruptcy. This was the most high-profile prosecution of its kind ever and is now seen as a landmark case and one that demonstrates a sea-change in the attitude of courts to both insolvency offending and celebrity. Rebecca was “The Times Lawyer of the Week” in April 2022 in recognition of this success and listed in The Lawyer’s Hot 100 earlier this year.

“Lessons from the Becker Trial” will explore some of the key learning points for fraud and insolvency practitioners arising out of this case and the implications for other sports people and celebrities. Rebecca will be joined by Julian Cahn ( Partner at Stephenson Harwood) and Mark Ford ( Partner at Evelyn Partners).

Specialising in Financial Crime and Regulation (Environmental, Medical, Financial and Health & Safety) Rebecca has over 20 years of experience of financial and commercial wrongdoing, including fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption and market abuse. She both prosecutes and defends and is Standing Counsel to The Insolvency Service: [Rebecca Chalkley Profile ]

The Fraud Conference brings together world-class experts including law makers, insolvency practitioners, counter fraud specialists and renowned academics to discuss the latest trends, innovations and developments in tackling economic crime. It is being jointly convened by Fraud Advisory Panel, INSOL Europe, and the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3)

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