Professor Laura Hoyano contributes to Government’s new guidance in “Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings”

February 3, 2022
Professor Laura Hoyano has contributed to the latest edition of the Government’s “Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings” [ABE] which provides guidance on interviewing vulnerable complainants and witnesses and guidance on using special measures. 

The fourth edition of ABE which was published on 31 Jan, 2022 covers the interview process for child and vulnerable adult complainants and witnesses during a criminal investigation, the pre-trial preparation process and the support available to witnesses in court. The interview guidance set out in ABE includes video-recorded interviews with vulnerable and intimidated witnesses where the recording is intended to be played as evidence-in-chief in court, and pretrial cross-examination under section 28 of the 1999 Act. Professor Laura Hoyano commented:

“We have waited exactly 6 years for Government Ministers to sign off the new Guidance, which for the first time covers the evidence of victims of, and witnesses to, modern slavery and servitude, domestic abuse and video-recorded pretrial cross-examination. All criminal justice agencies and lawyers need to take it on board, as it has immediate effect.” 

Read guidance here: [Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings]