Matthew Sorel-Cameron and Sophie Quinton-Carter secure convictions in modern slavery prosecution

November 23, 2022

Matthew Sorel-Cameron and Sophie Quinton-Carter secured the convictions of Julia Rafaelova, Skarletta Rafaelova and Milan Nemeth at Peterborough Crown Court on 22 November 2022.

The case followed extensive investigation across the UK, Slovakia and Switzerland, after a family member reported she had been forced to work against her will between 2015-2018. All three were convicted of modern slavery offences.

Julia and Skarletta were also convicted of benefit fraud, having forced the victim to pretend to have learning disabilities, whilst also sending her out to work under other names. The case also featured an unusual prosecution for child abduction, in which both women were also convicted of coercing the victim into giving up her daughter for adoption.

On 12 January, 2023 at Peterborough CC, Julia Rafaelova was jailed for ten years and Milan Nemeth was jailed for two years.

Skarletta Rafaelova was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years.

Matthew and Sophie were instructed by Nicola Rice of the CPS Complex Casework Unit.