Kate Bex KC interviewed by LBC Radio

April 4, 2023

Kate Bex KC spoke to Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio’s Breakfast Show (4 April) about Thomas Cashman’s refusal to attend his sentence hearing where he was told he would have to serve at least 42 years for the murder of 9 year old Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

Olivia was shot dead when drug dealer Cashman chased his intended target into her family home in Dovecot, Liverpool.

Kate discussed the practicalities involved in bringing defendants to court by force and how they are likely to disrupt proceedings where the victim should be the focus.

Scroll to 09:20 to listen to interview: [Global Player LBC]

Kate Bex KC specialises in Murder and Manslaughter and large scale Serious & Organised Crime: [Kate Bex KC Profile]