Jack Talbot examines the changing face of fraud post-pandemic

February 24, 2023

Jack Talbot has written an article for the New Law Journal where he examines the changing face of fraud post-pandemic.

In the piece he looks at:

-how Fraud has become the crime most commonly experienced by the public in England and Wales
-the effects of Covid and the rapid rise of Fraud in a variety of forms from low level fraud, cyber crime to serious fraud
-asks the question “Will the UK heavy weight authorities be able to lead the fight in bringing prosecutions to court and reduce the harm caused by economic crime?”

Read piece here [Issue8012FebComment-Talbot]

Jack has considerable expertise in fraud, corruption and business crime both defending and prosecuting cases involving corporate defendants and has provided expert advice concerning bribery and corruption charges in the public sector. A CPS Grade 4 Fraud Panel Advocate, he is regularly instructed by the CPS’ Serious Economic Organised Crime and International Directorate (SEOCID) in high-profile and challenging cases. See more: [Jack Talbot Profile ]