Infected Blood Inquiry: David Claxton interviewed by The Guardian

May 22, 2024

David Claxton was interviewed by The Guardian to analyse and comment on whether criminal prosecutions were still possible in connection with the Infected Blood Inquiry owing to the length of time that had elapsed.

This follows a wide range of calls for prosecutions following Sir Brian Langstaff’s report. His findings include NHS and government culpability, shredding of documents and attempts at a cover-up.

Responding to a question about the availability of evidence years after the events in questions, David commented:

“It [the inquiry] has plainly been able to identify individuals and organisations which are at fault or culpable in one way or another. So I would have thought that there is enough evidence available to prosecute, provided that the individuals and organisations are identified sufficiently and in the case of individuals [they] are still around and in the case of organisations [they] still exist.”

Read piece here: [The Guardian]

Read Infected Blood inquiry report here: [Infected Blood Inquiry]

David Claxton advises and represents professionals, business people and businesses in relation to criminal and regulatory investigations, enforcement and prosecutions.

He is the Deputy Chair of RLC’s Regulatory Committee and specialises in criminal law, medical regulation and health and safety: [David Claxton Profile]