Emma Gargitter successful in prosecution at the Old Bailey

June 15, 2023

Emma Gargitter led by Tim Hunter (23ES) has successfully prosecuted Asad Bhatti on charges of making and possessing explosives and related terrorist offences following a six week trial at The Old Bailey.

The financial analyst from Surrey was caught when he took his laptop in for repair. A “Believers Handbook” put together by the defendant, and a collection of bomb manuals, were found on the hard drive. This led to a further discovery by police of a rented storage unit where they found chemicals and circuitry, together with homemade detonators, a half-constructed pipe bomb, quantities of gunpowder and the remnants of nitroglycerin. A suspected pipe bomb was dismantled by the Army Explosives Ordnance Disposal and found to contain around 3.5g of a poor quality gunpowder made from a mixture of potassium nitrate, carbon and sulphur.

Asad Bhatti was sentenced on Monday 12 June to 8 years in prison.

Emma’s Crime practice is focussed on the prosecution and defence of serious and complex cases, in particular Terrorism matters. She is a member of the CPS specialist Counter Terrorism Panel (Level 3) and was instructed in this case by the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit. See more: [Emma Gargitter Profile ]

RLC terrorism barristers have formidable experience in terrorism law, having defended and prosecuted in some of the highest profile terrorism cases. Current members have significant experience of dealing with issues of national security and closed proceedings. Read more: [Terrorism Expertise ]

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