Emily Mattin cross examines UK’s most notorious prisoner- Charles Bronson

March 27, 2024

Emily Mattin cross-examined one of the UK’s most notorious and violent prisoners, Charles Bronson (now known as Charlie Salvador) who was called by the defence in the trial of his close friend and fellow inmate New York gangster Clifton “Yankee” Jeter.

Both Category A prisoners provided accounts relating to the hostile and isolated conditions found in Closed Supervision Centres (CSC’s) where some of the most dangerous men in the UK are held within the prison system.

Having spent his childhood in the US, Clifton Jeter fell in with New York gangs before being deported to the UK, where he continued to violently offend.

Already serving a life sentence, Emily successfully convicted Clifton Jeter for the assault of a prison officer in HMP Woodhill.

The trial finished with a guilty verdict at Aylesbury CC on 26th March.

Emily Mattin is instructed in a wide range of cases, including possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, section 20 grievous bodily harm and coercive and controlling behaviour. Read more: [Emily Mattin Profile]. Emily was instructed by the CPS.