Cyrus Shroff and Bethan Rogers secure conviction in murder prosecution

October 18, 2023

Following a four week trial at Basildon Crown Court Jamie Lewis was unanimously convicted of murder.

The allegation related to the stabbing of 42 year old Matthew Portwood in the early hours of 4th February 2023 near the Haystack Pub on Canvey Island.

Mathew Portwood was regarded by all who knew him as a someone who always liked to help. Unfortunately, this resulted in Jamie Lewis using a knife to stab him to his head and to the neck. The latter causing his death.

This successful result was secured despite the fact that no one saw the exact moment Mr Portwood was stabbed, nor did anyone witness a knife. The case was run on CCTV evidence (providing the background to the stabbing) along with witnesses to his earlier violent behaviour. His explanation for having blood on his hands was plainly rejected by the jury.

Sentence is due to take place in December.

Cyrus Shroff’s practice covers all aspects of Crime, and consists of cases of Murder & Manslaughter, Sexual Offences, Drug Offences, Serious Violence and Proceeds of Crime, amongst other criminal matters: [Cyrus Shroff Profile]

Bethan Rogers maintains a busy Crime practice, and has built a significant reputation in defence and prosecution work. In both areas, she has extensive experience in cases of Murder, Manslaughter, serious Sexual Offences and Drugs related offending. See more: [Bethan Rogers Profile]

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