Chris Paxton KC leading Marc Brown prosecutes 51 year old Academic who murdered Lecturer wife

October 27, 2023

Chris Paxton KC leading Marc Brown has secured the conviction of Ertan Ersoy, 51 who stabbed his wife Dr Antonella Castelvedere repeatedly with a kitchen knife at their home, causing 15 areas of injury to her face, neck, chest and hands. Dr Castelvedere had been a lecturer at the University of Suffolk leading the MA course in English and creative writing.

Mr. Ersoy had been growing suspicious that his wife was cheating on him and had previously placed a listening device in their home in Colchester, Essex. No affair had been taking place.

Mr. Ersoy, also a lecturer and teaching fellow, had called emergency services and went out into the street and called for help after stabbing his wife.

He had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and claimed he was suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning at the time claiming diminished responsibility. Psychiatric evidence was called during the trial.

The jury rejected his defence and found him guilty of murder. Mr. Ersoy was sentenced to 23 years and 224 days at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday 27 October.

Chris Paxton KC specialises in Murder & Manslaughter and Serious Violence, appearing for both defence and prosecution. Many of the homicide cases have involved complex areas of pharmacology, psychopharmacology and psychiatry. Read more: [Christopher Paxton KC]

Marc Brown is an experienced Crime practitioner who prosecutes and defends as both a leading and led junior across Murder & Manslaughter, Serious Violence, Sexual Offences, and Business Crime & Fraud matters. Read more: [Marc Brown]

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