Barnaby Jameson QC examines new sentencing regime in Counter- Terrorism and Sentencing Act 2021

12. Jul 2021

Barnaby Jameson QC has examined the new sentencing regime for terrorist offenders in an article for Archbold Review reviewing the Counter- Terrorism and Sentencing Act 2021. [ CTSA 2021] Specialising in Counter-Terrorism, Barnaby Jameson QC has been involved in a wide range of terrorist cases …

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UK guidelines around greenwashing

22. Jun 2021

In the latest issue of Apparel Insider, Sailesh Mehta examines the legal implications of new UK guidelines around greenwashing. The UK has been looking at laws around environmental claims for several years yet there are several areas where the proposed new guidelines by the Competition …

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The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law

22. Jun 2021

Zoe Chapman has reviewed Amal Clooney and Philippa Webb’s latest book entitled “The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law”. Published by Oxford University Press the authors present an overview of international jurisprudence relating to the right to a fair trial focusing on factual …

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Local Justice for Local People?

21. Jun 2021

Simon Spence QC writing for Law Society Gazette considered Baroness Hale’s recent comments that justice should be made available for those who lived remotely and in rural areas via the equivalent of “caravan courts”. He comments that whilst it is a good idea, is it …

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Grenfell: lessons learnt

14. Jun 2021

On the fourth anniversary of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire that claimed 72 lives, Sailesh Mehta outlines four key lessons learnt. Writing for Counsel Magazine he says: “The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has already unearthed important facts about how the tragedy unfolded and is now engaged …

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Sailesh Mehta examines the role of expert witnesses

8. Jun 2021

Sailesh Mehta has written on the role of expert witnesses in miscarriages of justice for the PMFA Journal. The PMFA Journal is a bimonthly review for the plastic, maxillofacial, aesthetic medicine and dermatology professions, providing an informative resource and a platform for collaboration and discussion …

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Nicholas Hall writes for Counsel Magazine

4. Jun 2021

Nicholas Hall asks how do we correctly acknowledge victimhood in our criminal justice system? Nicholas recently worked on a pro bono case with Hogan Lovells which saw the successful application to remove the previous convictions of a victim of human trafficking from her record. The …

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Jenni Dempster QC and Aneurin Brewer write for The Times

3. Jun 2021

Jenni Dempster QC and Aneurin Brewer consider the potential impact on the Government’s recently announced asylum policy of the successful appeal against conviction and acquittal on retrial of an asylum seeker prosecuted for piloting a dingy across the Channel. The case calls into question a …

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Laura Hoyano writes for Counsel Magazine

1. Jun 2021

RLC member Professor Laura Hoyano with co-author John Riley (23 ES) propose s28 pretrial cross-exam reforms to make it a more flexible and effective prosecution tool for vulnerable witnesses. They comment in Counsel Magazine: “It is essential that system victimisation be minimised for these vulnerable …

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A moment of change

27. May 2021

By Marilyn Vitte and Dan Robinson, Red Lion Chambers It hardly seems possible that a year has passed since the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer, a murder which led to a global outpouring of grief and frustration with a system stacked …

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