Simon Spence QC interviewed by BBC News, Talk Radio and writes for The Guardian

August 23, 2022

Simon Spence QC has been interviewed by the BBC News Outside Source programme and Talk Radio with Julia Hartley-Brewer with regards to the latest decision by the CBA to adopt the current days of action on an indefinite basis from 5 September.

Listen to Talk Radio interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer: 44:43 in [Talk Radio]

BBC News Outside Source programme 15m 23s – 19m 16s in: [BBC iPlayer]

Simon Spence QC has also written an Opinion piece for The Guardian. He says:

“Anyone can find themselves wrongly accused of a crime. It is only right that they are properly represented in order to clear their name. Equally, if someone has committed a crime, it is only right that they are brought to justice. The current crisis is jeopardising the very system that the criminal bar is seeking to protect. This is why criminal barristers feel they have no other option but to strike.”

Read full piece here: [The Guardian]