Kate Bex QC and Timothy Kiely address Domestic Violence during the pandemic

23. Apr 2020

“It should not have taken a pandemic to get the government to address domestic violence” Kate Bex QC and Timothy Kiely write for the Times Law looking at how cuts to legal aid and women’s refuges helped perpetuate abuse way before the lockdown Read article …

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“Individual well-being had to be placed front and centre” Jane Bewsey QC reflects on Chambers response to Covid19, examining how the pandemic has affected both the professional and personal lives of barristers

22. Apr 2020

Read full piece in Legal Week: [Legal Week]

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Timothy Kiely cites the breadth of the Coronavirus Act 2020 in an analysis of the new Act by Law Gazette.

20. Apr 2020

Section 51 confers new powers relating to ‘potentially infectious persons’‘Taken at its widest,’ Tim notes, ‘that includes everybody.’ Read full piece entitled ‘Power Grab’ written by Eduardo Reyes here: [Law Gazette]

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Following the tragic death of Caroline Flack, Kate Bex QC and Tom Jones (pupil barrister) analyse the prosecution of domestic violence when the complainant does not support it.

6. Apr 2020

Read the full article here: [New Law Journal] as published in the New Law Journal.

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Managing lockdown……A perspective from the Criminal Bar

2. Apr 2020

“On Friday 20 March a friend posts on WhatsApp: ‘Can you do barrister in lockdown?’ Yes, no, and up to a point, I reply” Tom Forster QC talks to ‘fivehundred’ detailing the actions taken by Chambers to stay one step ahead of the coronavirus, thereby …

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Questionable justification for the killing of General Soleimani?

30. Jan 2020

Was the U.S. acting lawfully under the international laws governing the use of armed force? On 3 January 2020, Iranian major general Qassem Soleimani was killed in a targeted US drone strike leaving Baghdad International Airport. Other high-ranking soldiers with political connections were also killed …

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Tim Kiely, Barrister at Red Lion Chambers, responds to the news that 44% of UK crime investigations are dropped without being fully explored

13. Dec 2019

[Published – Dec 2019 – Open Access Goverment] Figures recently published by the Metropolitan Police in response to a Freedom of Information Request by the Liberal Democrats show that 44% of crimes reported to the Metropolitan Police are dropped without a full investigation. Of course …

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Sitting in a Primary School parent governor meeting last week I decided to write a list of 10 ways barristers could behave towards one another.

21. Nov 2019

[First published in “THE CIRCUITEER” 47 edition Dec 2019] Certainly the surroundings prompted my thoughts. What could we do to make life better for one another – how could we set the standard? Since becoming Wellbeing Director for the Criminal Bar Association I am a …

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State accountability for killings of civilians by soldiers in Northern Ireland: can the UK duck out? Laura Hoyano.

14. Nov 2019

On Nov 11, 2019, the Conservative Party announced rather unclear plans to take legal steps to ensure that inquest juries in Northern Ireland could not return verdicts of unlawful killing in relation to actions by UK soldiers (and presumably other state agents such as the …

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Timothy Kiely, Criminal Barrister, reveals the working reality of the UK approach to knife crime

13. Nov 2019

[Published – Nov 2019 – Open Access Goverment] The ‘public health’ approach to crime reduction runs counter to many prevailing narratives about how crime, and especially violent crime, arises in society, and how it should be addressed. The idea is to treat crime as if …

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