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Michael Epstein

Michael Epstein

Call: 1992

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Over the last few years Michael Epstein has focused solely on heavy criminal defence work, particularly cases involving corruption, large scale drugs importation and all other forms of organised crime.

Michael also specialises in road traffic law and has successfully represented many high-profile clients from the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Michael has conducted many serious criminal cases both prosecuting and defending.

  • R v Sulak: Represented a lorry driver charged with causing death by dangerous driving following a collision with a stationary vehicle on a dual carriageway.
  • R v K: Allegations of false imprisonment and torture of a drama student following rehearsals in a film studio, committed by fellow actors.
  • R v Ahluwalia: Represented young man charged with causing death by dangerous driving after motorway collision resulting in death of his passenger.
  • R v Douglas & Ward: Armed robbery of Essex supermarket perpetrated with active involvement of shop employee.
  • R v Le & Vu: Aggravated burglary and rape case. Three Defendants, armed with guns and knives targeted two young women who had been followed to their home with cash takings from beauty salon.
  • R v Gould: Represented Defendant in ‘Frank Lampard’ burglary case.
  • R v Scott-Frame: Defended young man charged with others in brutal Essex kidnap and torture case.
  • R v Dunn: Represented one of inmates in Lincoln Prison riot of 2002, charged with prison mutiny and violent assaults.
  • R v Riddex: Perverting course of justice case. Represented the sister of a man charged with the murder of their father after she had allegedly provided a false account to police.
  • R v Mahoney & Others: Prosecution of four Defendants charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine on large scale.


  • R v Starr: Represented businessman charged with conspiracy to evade duty upon tobacco amounting to £13 million.
  • R v Youell: Building industry revenue fraud involving allegations of evasion of income tax, corporation tax and VAT.
  • R v Carey: (Leading counsel) Corruption and conspiracy to defraud by inland revenue employees and bailiffs working in the Watford Tax Collection office.
  • R v Snober & Others: Bank fraud where insiders had corrupted computer systems to facilitate attacks on customer accounts.
  • R v Ghazi: Money laundering on large scale through various bureaux de change in central London
  • R v Mead: Represented one of nine defendants charged with conspiracy to fraudulently divert onto UK retail market, alcohol in respect of which £10 million of duty had not been paid.
  • R v Feld: Fraud on shareholders by Chief Executive of a plc. Prosecution brought by SFO, trial lasting six months.

Health & Safety

  • HSE v South Downs NHS Trust: Prosecution following fatality of a patient in hospital care who fell from a hoist whilst being transferred from a wheelchair to his bed.
  • HSE v Clark: Prosecution of landlord of property for breaches of Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1994/8 arising out of death of a 12 year old girl from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • HSE v Ioannu: Prosecution under Health & Safety at work etc. Act 1974. Represented a gym instructor whose client had sustained serious injury following a fall from roof of sports club whilst working out.
  • HSE v Band: Prosecution under Health & Safety at work etc. Act 1974. Fatality of student diver. Defendant was a diving instructor tutoring the deceased and others on an open water diving course off the south coast. Case involved complex matters of fact specific to scuba diving.

Murder & Manslaughter

  • R v V: Defendant prosecuted for manslaughter following single punch in street brawl.
  • R v P: Defendant and three others charged with murder on North London housing estate.
  • R v Davis: Murder of Defendant’s ex-wife following child custody battle.
  • R v Taylor: Conspiracy to murder youth by others in gang related incident on South London housing estate.
  • R v Bryan: Represented youth as one of three Defendants charged with murder of a vagrant outside a public house.
  • R v Bolivar & Others: Contract killing after victim had disrespected fellow member of Colombian community in South London.