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Marcus Rickard

Marcus Rickard

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Marcus has an accomplished set of skills plus commercial experience which is fuelling his growing practice and reputation. His most recent instructions include a high-profile case at the Old Bailey to defend a vulnerable 18-year-old charged with double murder and a gross negligence case in the Court of Appeal.

Marcus is a persuasive advocate with a pragmatic style and user-friendly approach. He has been instructed in cases right across the criminal and quasi-criminal spectrum.

Marcus has a particular interest in abuse of process and a specialist in GDPR / privacy work and the related compliance, commercial issues, data investigations and data fraud work in the software / technology / fintech / data & AI markets. Marcus also has extensive and growing knowledge regarding voluntary disclosure, abuse of process, confidentiality and legal professional privilege.

Marcus has experience in the civil courts having appeared in both the Chancery Division of the High Court and First-tier Tribunal (Tax)
Marcus is available for court work and any advisory work covering any of these areas having recently returned from a 5year period running a commercial venture.

From 1999 to 2000 Marcus worked for a leading firm of regulatory law solicitors working alongside KPMG’s Tax Investigations team. His background is in white collar crime, legal privilege, and civil / criminal investigations into corporate bodies and high-net worth individuals charged with tax, regulatory and fraud offences.

Fraud & Business CrimePrivacy / Data / GDPRGeneral Crime

  • R v S (2020) confiscation proceedings following international conspiracy to defraud £7.5m.


  • R v I and Ors Leading junior in multiple tiered banking fraud.
  • R v R and Ors 4 week aviation fraud.
  • R v A Leading junior in a 5 week ‘Romance Scam’ where the defendant had conducted an international fraud on vulnerable women all over the world via Match.com, and defrauding them out of their entire estates.
  • R v S Leading junior in an 8 week “Cattle Ringing Fraud” for breaches of Cattle Identification Regulations and the Animal Welfare Act.
  • R v M Fraud involving tiers of transactions, multiple identities & layered accounts.
  • R v F & Ors Accountant charged with false accounting and conspiracy to defraud as part of a national mortgage fraud.
  • R v O  Misconduct in a public office: 6 week trial of a senior UK Border Agency member of staff.
  • R v T Fraud involving a factory creating false immigration documents: EU wide.
  • R v F Leading junior in a large conspiracy to defraud land registry and probate office.
  • R v K Animal welfare act offences and breaches of Cattle Identification Regulations.
  • R v M & Ors Fraud and facilitating illegal entry, involving a sophisticated attack on the UK immigration system.
  • R v B Casino fraud via remote access by computer hackers.

Marcus has a particular interest in GDPR / privacy work and the related compliance, investigations and data fraud work in the Software / Technology / Fintech / Data & AI markets.
Over the past 5 years, Marcus provided consultancy advice dealing with commercial issues for corporate clients on both commercial / contract matters and in relation to general compliance matters.

Marcus also gained commercial experience in relation to:

  • SaaS T&C’s – post Brexit and general update
  • Sales and marketing policy
  • Data deletion / purge
  • PIA / DPIA policies
  • DSAR policies
  • Security Incident Report / Policies
  • Data Breach
  • Intercompany Data Transfer Agreements
  • Legal privilege in the context of internal GDPR investigations
  • DPO’s
  • International data transfers
  • Software on-boarding / approval / review
  • General privacy policies
  • Call recordings
  • Dawn raid procedures

  • R v H (2020) defending a vulnerable 18 year-old in double murder at the CCC (ongoing)
  • R v C (2020) CACD appeal against sentence for gross negligence manslaughter
  • R v P (2019-2020) CACD appeal against sentence and conviction for murder (ongoing)
  • R v W (2020) attempted murder PC case now retrial & abuse of process, leading junior (ongoing)
  • R v P (2020) mentally vulnerable defendant accused of arson (ongoing)
  • R v L (2020) 30 count burglary indictment (ongoing)
  • R v M (2020) rape and burglary (ongoing)
  • R v D (2020) dangerous driving (ongoing)
  • R v A (2020) indecent images
  • R v A (2020) high profile client on harassment charges


  • R v HL & Ors – 5 week  kidnapping trial.
  • R v U Experienced teacher charged with beating his 6-year-old daughter with his belt.
  • R v W Indecent images case against airline pilot: dismissed after defence submissions.
  • R v W Alleged attack on bailiffs with Samurai swords and mallets.
  • R v M & Ors High profile group attack on Sainsbury’s staff.
  • R v W Possession of indecent images, over 2 million images.
  • R v A 6 week conspiracy to import Class A drugs.
  • R v K & Ors Conspiracy to facilitate entry of prostitutes into UK.
  • R v M & Ors Stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival.
  • R v T  Arsenal v Manchester United Champions League riot.
  • R v A Death by careless driving “second accelerator case”.
  • R v K Attempted murder by shooting after a New Year’s Eve party.
  • R v Z Conspiracy to commit arson.
  • R v Z Stag party stabbing at a Holiday Inn.
  • R v T Large scale importation of Class C drugs.
  • R v C Armed robberies and stabbing in a nightclub.
  • R v B Blackmail, false imprisonment.
  • R v D Robbery.
  • R v M Rape.
  • R v A Karate kick with studded boot to face in National League game.

Regulatory & Professional Discipline

In addition to crime, Marcus has appeared in the First-Tier Tax Tribunal (VAT) where he successfully represented an Appellant against HMRC in proceedings which lasted 4 years.

Other Specialisms

Public Law

Marcus has also advised in public law cases, including judicial reviews proceedings on prison law. He has appeared in the Chancery Division of the High Court leading a case bringing contempt of court proceedings.


  • R (on the application of Y) v Secretary of State for Justice and the Parole Board Concerning prison law and domestic and European jurisprudence on recall of prisoners.
  • S v S Committal hearing in relation to contempt of court (Chancery Division of the High Court) and R v S Condemnation proceedings


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University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, DipT.P. and BA Hons

Northumbria University Law School


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Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Inner Temple

Direct Access qualified