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Genevieve Reed

Genevieve Reed

Call: 2011

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Genevieve is a tenacious barrister with excellent advocacy skills. She appears in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal, as a led junior and junior alone, on a range of serious and complex criminal matters, including: large scale fraud cases, large scale drug supply and importation, human trafficking, serious sexual offences and serious violence, particularly cases involving gang violence.

Genevieve has built up a particularly strong practice in fraud, serious organised crime and sexual offences. She also has particular expertise in representing individuals charged with allegations arising in the workplace, including sexual offences, perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office, on behalf of teachers, prison officers, police officers and those working in the financial industry.

She has advised on international cases involving parallel importing, cross-border issues, extradition, and MLA requests. She has also worked on cross-jurisdictional investigations with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice.

She has advised and appeared for companies in relation to restraint orders, production orders, search warrants, and cash seizure and forfeiture.

Genevieve understands the need for first rate client care having gained valuable experience working at leading criminal law firms Hickman and Rose and Irwin Mitchell prior to coming to the Bar.


Genevieve prosecutes and defends across the full range of criminal offences, from serious sexual offences and violence, to misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.

She is also highly experienced in making and resisting various orders arising out of criminal and civil proceedings including: Proceeds of Crime Act orders, Sexual Harm Prevention Orders, Football Banning Orders, Restraining Orders, Criminal Behaviour Orders, and various orders made pursuant to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Sexual offencesOrganised CrimeViolent CrimeProceeds of CrimeDangerous DogsWorkplace Offences

Genevieve is highly experienced in defending in cases across the full spectrum of sexual offences. Genevieve provides advice at pre-charge stage through to trial, and has experience in relation to a number of high profile cases involving historical sexual allegations and vulnerable complainants:

  • R v C (2018): Currently representing a man accused of a series of unconnected stranger rapes and assault by penetration.
  • R v P (2017): Successfully defended a teacher accused of sexually assaulting a colleague.
  • R v I (2017): Successfully defended a man accused of attempting to rape a stranger in the toilets of a hotel.
  • R v R (2017): Successfully defended a taxi driver accused of sexually assaulting one of his passengers. In addition to calling the complainant the Crown relied upon the 999 call and recent complaint evidence.
  • R v C 0(2017): Successfully defended a man accused of exposing himself to two women. s78 argument to exclude all ID evidence successful and the Crown offered no evidence. Press Links: Telegraph
  • R v M (2017): Successfully defended a man accused of sexual assault on a co-worker. The Crown sought to rely upon bad character evidence of a similar complaint and recent complaint evidence.
  • R v T (2016): Successfully defended a man accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student.
  • R v U (2016): Defended a guilty plea to posting videos online of the defendant engaging in sexual activity with the complainant i.e. “revenge porn”: suspended sentence.
  • R v Y (2016): Defended multiple breaches of a SOPO. SOPO continued and a fine was imposed.
  • R v H (2015): Worked on this case whilst at Hickman and Rose and after joining the Bar was instructed to work on the trial team with a silk. The case involved a number of historical sexual allegations. The jury acquitted in respect of some counts and were hung on the remaining counts, in respect of which the Crown ultimately offered no evidence.
  • R v S (2015): Defended guilty plea to sexual assault: suspended sentence.

Genevieve has represented a number of clients facing allegations of large scale drug conspiracies, armed robbery, burglary and aggravated burglary, perverting the course of justice, witness intimidation, and firearms offences.

Recent work:

  • R v N (2019): Currently acting for the defence in a gang related kidnapping
  • R v M (2019): Currently acting for the first defendant in a highly organised and sophisticated conspiracy to kidnap and blackmail carried out by an OCG.
  • R v L (2019): Currently acting for the first defendant in a large scale “county lines” and human trafficking case.
  • R v L (2019): Prosecuting a gang related case of violent disorder involving expert evidence on gangs.
  • R v D (2019): Acted for the defence in a blackmail case involving wide ranging threats made against male sex workers.
  • R v C (2018): Led junior in relation to a large scale conspiracy to produce cannabis.
  • R v D (2018): Successfully represented a man accused of cultivating cannabis on a large scale: successful submission of no case to answer.
  • R v S (2017): Acting for one of two defendants accused of conspiring to commit a series of armed robberies at various banks and bookmakers.
  • R v L (2017): Successfully prosecuted a defendant charged with possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs.
  • R v Y (2017): Appeal against sentence to the Court of Appeal, arising out of a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.
  • R v M (2017): Defended a guilty plea to perverting the course of justice by receiving payments to withdraw an allegation of violence. The Judge was persuaded to take an unusual course: suspended sentence.
  • R v T (2017): Defended a guilty plea to possession with intent to supply Class B drugs and breach of a suspended sentence imposed for the same offence. Successfully argued that it would be unjust to activate the suspended sentence. T received a further suspended sentence.
  • R v O (2017): Defended an aggravated burglary with a number of complex forensic issues.
  • R v N (2016): Successfully defended a large-scale cannabis production involving extensive forensic, photographic and video evidence.
  • R v Y (2016): Successfully defended a number of firearms offences.
  • R v J (2016): Defended a large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.
  • R v K (2016): Successfully defended in a Newton hearing in respect of possession with intent to supply Class B drugs.
  • R v C (2015): Defended in a guilty plea to a third domestic burglary. Successfully argued that the mandatory term should not apply: suspended sentence.

Genevieve has considerable experience prosecuting and defending allegations of violence. Whilst at Hickman and Rose she worked on a number of homicides and gained experience of non-accidental head injuries in children. She also assisted on a number of joint enterprise murders which were tried at the Central Criminal Court.

Recent work includes:

  • R v D & ors (2019): Currently prosecuting a multi-handed conspiracy to commit s18 GBH.
  • R v P (2018): Successfully represented a defendant who was originally charged with s18 GBH, following submissions the charge was reduced to ABH: he was acquitted at the conclusion of the trial.
  • R v T (2018): Successfully represented the defendant at trial in respect of s18 and s20 GBH, witness intimidation and affray.
  • R v Z (2017): Successfully represented the defendant in a multi-handed affray. The defendants were accused of participating in a fight involving rival business owners where a number of non defendants sustained injuries from shovels and metal bars, including a blood clot on the brain and other serious head injuries.
  • R v F (2017): Defended a carer who was accused of assaulting and neglecting residents at a care home, pleaded on the first day of trial: community order.
  • R v L (2017): Successfully defended a man jointly charged with another of assault occasioning actual bodily harm during the course of a football match.
  • R v O (2017): Successfully defended two prison officers accused of assaulting an inmate.
  • R v A (2016): Defended a man alleged to have strangled a stranger and thrown him to the ground face down, causing a bleed to the brain and a facial fracture:  CCTV captured the incident. Originally charged with s18 GBH; plea to s20 accepted: suspended sentence.
  • R v W (2016):  Defended a man alleged to have robbed his elderly father leaving him with significant injuries. A Plea to assault and theft was accepted: suspended sentence.
  • R v M (2016): Defended a guilty plea to breaching a restraining order and robbing a former partner, which involved biting her to steal her phone: suspended sentence.
  • R v G (2015): Defended possession of an offensive weapon and ABH. The defendant pleaded guilty to beating the Complainant around the head with a hammer: suspended sentence.

Whilst seconded to Peters and Peters, Genevieve gained substantial experience working on two high profile money-laundering investigations and provided written advice in respect of cash seizure, detention and forfeiture.

She has also defended in the magistrates’ court in respect of cash seizure, detention and forfeiture and in the Crown Court in confiscation proceedings.

  • R v H (2017): Prosecuted ongoing confiscation proceedings arising out of a benefit fraud.
  • R v B (2017): Successful application to vary a 10 year old confiscation order where the Defendant had received an inheritance following an appearance on “Heir Hunters”.
  • R v D (2016): Defended confiscation proceedings arising out of money laundering and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.
  • R v A (2016): Provided written advice to an interested third party in respect of cash seizure and forfeiture.
  • R v B (2016): Appeared for a company and individual in respect of cash seizure and forfeiture proceedings.

Genevieve has a lot of experience in defending in various civil and criminal cases arising out of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

  • R v D (2019): Represented a defendant who had pleaded guilty to two aggravated offences which had taken place a week apart. Suspended sentence. Contingent destruction order imposed rather than an immediate destruction order.
  • R v M (2018): Successfully represented a defendant on a Newton hearing where her dog had mauled two children. Suspended sentence.
  • R v D (2016): Successful appeal against a destruction order made in the magistrates’ court.
  • R v E (2016): Instructed for the Respondent in civil proceedings arising out of a police application for a destruction order of a pitbull. The police called multiple experts to establish the breed. The defence successfully challenged the assertion, calling on one expert. The police application was dismissed.
  • R v F (2016): A successful appeal against an immediate destruction order against F’s dog for being dangerously out of control in a public place and causing injury. (F had not been in control of the dog at the time and so was not charged with any offence.)

Genevieve has a lot of experience defending in various civil and criminal cases arising out of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Recent cases:

    • R v P (2017): Successfully represented a prison guard accused of misconduct in a public office: submission of no case to answer successful.
    • R v W (2017): Successfully defended a teacher accused of sexually assaulting another teacher.
  • R v F (2017): Defended a carer who was accused of assaulting and neglecting residents at a care home who were suffering from dementia, pleaded on the first day of trial: community order.
  • R v S & Ors (2017): Successfully represented two prison guards who were accused of assaulting an inmate.
  • R v F (2016): Successfully defended a prison guard who was accused of conveying restricted documents out of a prison.

Fraud and Business Crime

Genevieve has substantial experience of prosecuting and defending on cases involving fraud, corruption and corporate crime as a led junior and junior alone.
Genevieve has dealt with various fraud cases including conspiracy to cheat the revenue, large scale benefit fraud, insider dealing, conspiracy to defraud including “boiler room” frauds, frauds committed against HMRC and immigration fraud. She was seconded to Peters and Peters in 2016 and worked on a high profile SFO investigation involving several Barclays employees who were ultimately charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. She also advised and dealt with numerous cases involving money laundering and corruption arising out of crypto currency fraud.

Prior to joining the Bar, Genevieve worked on large scale fraud cases including a £5m pension fraud and what was, at the time, the biggest insider dealing case prosecuted by the FCA.

Genevieve understands the importance of early investigative advice and continuity from pre-charge through to trial in complex and serious cases; working collaboratively from an early stage to drive and lead cases through to their conclusion.

Recent work:

  • R v N (2020): Currently instructed as a led junior for an Appellant in one of the appeals due to be heard by a specially constituted Court of Appeal, considering the case of Ivey.
  • R v L (2020): Prosecuted a defendant charged with benefit fraud, value £120k. Complex issues arising out of the number of offences committed during a 13 year period.
  • R v T (2019): Currently instructed to defend in a multi handed, £5m VAT evasion case.
  • R v M (2019): Currently prosecuting on behalf of the Insolvency Service in respect of a prosecution against a bankrupt accused of concealing and removing property after the date of an unsatisfied judgment was made.
  • R v N (2019): C
  • R v T (2019): Prosecuted a defendant for acting as a company director whilst disqualified, on behalf of the Insolvency Service.
  • R v S (2018): Led junior in respect of allegations of a “boiler room” fraud in relation to bogus carbon credits.
  • R v B (2018): Led junior in respect of allegations of benefit fraud amounting to over £700k.
  • R v N (2018): Defended a guilty plea in relation to a former police officer accused of a £500k fraud: suspended sentence.
  • R v K (2017): Defended an Insolvency Service prosecution relating to a fraud against PayPoint and Lloyds Bank where the value was over £100k. Guilty plea to alternative charges accepted on the first day of trial: suspended sentence.
  • R v P (2017): Defending seven counts of fraud. The trial involved a number of experts.
  • R v Z (2017): Defended in a guilty plea in a multi-handed money laundering case, total sum laundered was £100k: suspended sentence.
  • R v A (2017): Successfully prosecuted a fraud by abuse of position by a woman who had defrauded her company, a well-known pawn brokers.
  • R v N (2017): Defended guilty plea to fraudulent evasion of £125k duty on cigarettes: suspended sentence.
  • R v O and others (2017): Successful defence of a woman accused of defrauding a vulnerable young woman with learning difficulties of £80k. The co-defendants had pleaded guilty and were sentenced to immediate custodial sentences.
  • R v S (2017): Successfully prosecuted a fraud on the NHS.
  • R v K & Others (2016): Defended a conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to paying people to sit driving theory tests on behalf of others.
  • R v D (2015): Defended a guilty plea to defrauding a company of a large sum of money, in breach of trust, over a sustained period of time: suspended sentence.

Regulatory & Professional Discipline

Genevieve has a growing regulatory practice and has been instructed to prosecute and defend individuals facing a variety of regulatory offences that include environmental health offences, fire safety and licensing.

  • R v C (2016): Acted for a company and a director in respect of a number of serious environmental health offences.
  • R v C (2016): Prosecuted a number of significant Fire Safety breaches at a salon.
  • R v K (2016): Appealed against the Local Authority’s decision to revoke an alcohol licence from a local retailer.
  • R v D (2015): Prosecuted a hotelier in relation to a number of Fire Safety breaches.

Publications, Lectures and Training

TrainingPublications, Lectures & Training

Stalking, Harassment, and “revenge porn”: a guide to online offences for criminal lawyers, MBL Seminar: London- December 2017; Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol in 2018.

Speaker on Criminal law issues relevant to Fire Safety prosecutions at the Fire Law Network Annual meeting, July 2015

North Yorkshire Fire Service seminar, August 2015

Social Media Offences, Criminal Law and Justice Weekly, Vol 178, September 2014

Delay and Stay Proceedings, Criminal Bar Quarterly, Issue 4, Winter 2014


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