Barnaby Jameson QC and Naomi Parsons successfully prosecute Founder of neo-Nazi group National Action

June 8, 2022

Barnaby Jameson QC and Naomi Parsons have successfully prosecuted the Founder of neo-Nazi group, National Action [NA].

Alex Davies was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court in May 2022 of membership of a proscribed terrorist organisation.

The former Warwick University student from Swindon founded NA straight after leaving school in 2013. The group specifically targeted members of parliament perceived to be in favour of immigration. When Jo Cox Labour MP was murdered in June 2016, members of the group openly celebrated her death and expressed support for her killer. One follower of the group, Jack Renshaw, admitted plotting to kill Rosie Cooper MP with a sword at a time when NA was banned.

Before NA was proscribed by government on 16 December 2016, Alex Davies travelled to a former WWII concentration camp, Buchenwald, where he gave the Nazi salute over the NA banner in the original execution chamber. The trial heard how Alex Davies set up a splinter organisation named NS131 as an NA “continuity faction” active in recruiting new members and organising armed combat training.

He was sentenced at the Old Bailey on 7 June 2022 for eight and a half years with a further year on licence.

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This case concludes a series of Neo-Nazi terrorism cases prosecuted by Barnaby Jameson QC and Naomi Parsons which include the case of Alice Cutter (who was known as “Miss Hitler”) and Mark Jones [ RLC members Barnaby Jameson QC and Naomi Parsons prosecute members of neo-nazi organisation where four are found guilty] and co-founder of NA, Ben Raymond [Barnaby Jameson QC and Naomi Parsons successfully prosecute co-founder of neo-nazi organisation national action]