RLC members Barnaby Jameson QC and Naomi Parsons prosecute members of neo-Nazi organisation where four are found guilty

March 25, 2020

Alice Cutter, 23, and Mark Jones, 25, were found guilty of being members of a neo-Nazi organisation after a retrial at Birmingham Crown Court.
The “Miss Hitler” contest entrant and her ex-partner were convicted of being members of the banned far-right terrorist group National Action.
National Action, founded in 2013, was outlawed under anti-terror legislation three years later after it celebrated the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.
Jurors heard how Cutter had entered the Miss Hitler beauty pageant under the name Miss Buchenwald – a reference to the Second World War death camp.
They were also told how she had exchanged hundreds of messages, many racist and anti-Semitic, and was still meeting other members months after the ban.
Garry Jack, 24, and 19-year-old Connor Scothern were also found guilty of being members of the group.
All four will be sentenced on May 1st
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