What can the Bar learn from the crisis?

June 29, 2020
“Lockdown has forced the profession to experiment with the idea of mass working from home. We should identify and bank the benefits.    But we must guard against the risks too.”
Joanna Hardy looks at how the Bar can learn from the Covid19 crisis in Counsel Magazine:
I had a sleepless night last week. I was blighted by a creeping concern about a work issue. It was the kind of worry that stubbornly settles somewhere between your heart and your stomach. It tied knot after knot. It paraded worst case scenarios across my ceiling all night long. This was the type of concern usually eased by communal discussions in friendly robing rooms or an improvised summit around the chambers’ photocopier. But I had not seen a colleague in person for months. I desperately missed the ready access to collective wisdom and shared experience that so many of us lean on during the difficult days. I felt restless and unsettled…