Valerie Charbit writing for The Circuiteer introduces new project on Kindness

June 15, 2022

Valerie Charbit has written a piece in The Circuiteer exploring how the Bar can spread and share Kindness. She says:

“There is already a heritage of kindness at the bar. What we need to do is create more of it and hope that by spreading kindness in the courts where we work, we can encourage all those with whom we work to be kind while similarly being kinder ourselves.”

Valerie also discusses a new project around Kindness initiated via The Bar council working party group on wellbeing. Chaired by Rebecca Dix with the vice chair and upcoming leader, Nicola Shannon, Valerie will lead a project working with Professor Banerjee from Sussex University (Founder of Sussex Centre for Research on Kindness) to co-create a campaign with barristers, using focus groups, on how to develop Kindness at the Bar.

Professor Banerjee in partnership with the BBC on the Anatomy of Kindness recently announced the results of the biggest ever public science project on Kindness on BBC Radio 4.

If you would like to participate in the focus groups please send an email with just your name and the subject header entitled “FOCUS GROUP ON KINDNESS AT THE BAR” to

Valerie is seeking contributions from all practice areas from the self-employed and employed bar and from a diverse group of barristers – please do make contact if you wish to be involved.

The first two groups are scheduled to take place are between 8.30 and 9.30am to on June 29 2022 or July 6 2022.

Participants are needed for either group who are willing to offer ideas and talk freely.

The meetings will be recorded but are confidential to the Professor and his colleagues, Valerie Charbit and the participants engaging.

Valerie Charbit said:

“We are looking for innovative ideas and thoughts on this topic so that Professor Banerjee and his researcher can assist us in co-creating a plan of action. This is an exciting opportunity to see whether we can develop this project further and see if we can promote a positive working culture in the profession.”

Read full article here pp 9-11: [The Circuiteer]