Valerie Charbit hosts Kindness panel discussion with the CBA and South Eastern Circuit

October 12, 2021

Valerie Charbit, Director of Wellbeing at the CBA has invited Professor Robin Banerjee to speak at a panel discussion and interactive session on 22 November 2021 at Middle Temple looking at the kindness ethos in the workplace.

Alongside Professor Robin Banerjee will be panellists RLC member Valerie Charbit, Christine Agnew Q.C. (leader of the SEC), Jo Sidhu Q.C (Chair of the CBA) Nicola Shannon (Head of wellbeing and past recorder for the SEC).

Sussex University have been leading research led by Professor Banerjee in partnership with Radio 4 to explore amongst other issues how kindness is viewed within society at large and how it is valued in the workplace. The research will be analysed and then announced on Radio 4 in February 2022.

As a result, Valerie Charbit was inspired to explore Professor Banerjee’s work as well as The Kindness Research Foundation which was set up to see if it is possible to measure kindness. Joining the Foundation she partook in the Kindness Test []-a test that all can do.

This session will examine Professor Banerjee’s work and how it can be taken forward for the Bar in order to encourage kindness in the workplace and within the court system whilst still maintaining excellent adversarial skills. Valerie said:

“Granted it won’t solve issues with remuneration or listing but it could allow us all to enjoy work more and feel less stressed whilst we are at work. Rolled out across the Bar and judiciary we might even get Kindness to rule the world!”

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