Valerie Charbit discusses “Kindness Initiative”at Law Friends Society Conference

October 24, 2023

Valerie Charbit has been invited by the Criminal Law Friends Society to speak about the “Kindness at the Bar” and the Kindness Initiative alongside Nicola Shannon KC, Wellbeing Director for the South Eastern Circuit.

The talk will take place this Friday at the Law Friends Society Conference, Mary Ward Conference Centre, Tavistock Place in London.

Working with Professor Robin Banerjee (Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global and Civic Engagement) the “Kindness” project was initiated in November 2021 and conducted research with a group of barristers to investigate their experience of kindness, its impact and barriers to kindness in the profession and the workplace.

Research highlighted that kinder workplaces create a more positive environment for productive work with 3 overarching themes arising from the focus group discussion and Professor Robin Banerjee’s research namely: Explicit and implicit rules of conduct, Workplace contexts and conditions and Individual differences in levels of kindness.

The project now seeks to co-create strategies with the Bar and legal profession so as to foster a kinder culture. Nicola Shannon KC who is also the Chair of the Bar Council’s working party group on wellbeing will work with Valerie and Robin to take the project forward.

Watch video here: [Vimeo]

See report here: [Kindness-at-the-Bar-Feedback-on-preliminary-workshops]

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Valerie Charbit has represented the Criminal Bar Association as Wellbeing Director, the South Eastern Circuit on Wellbeing and is Chambers Head of Wellbeing.