Timothy Kiely writes Opinion Piece on the #CurfewForMen Viral campaign

March 15, 2021
Timothy Kiely writes an Opinion Piece on the #CurfewForMen Viral campaign following the Sarah Everard case and Baroness Jones comments for a 6pm Curfew for Men. Timothy said:

“Seemingly well-intentioned advice that tells women to stay indoors after dark, even if delivered out of an apparently sincere wish to keep women safe, springs from the same infantilising, patriarchal source. In ways both subtle and overt it shifts the blame for misogynistic violence, overwhelmingly committed by men, onto women, and leaves the foundations of male impunity undisturbed.”

“But it is less often stated that these myths are born primarily out of a social, political and cultural environment that is, knowingly and unknowingly, hostile to women.”

Read more here: [Open Access Government]