Tim Kiely reports back from the Bar Council’s Annual Conference 2022

December 1, 2022

Tim Kiely has been featured as a guest blogger in the Bar Council’s newsletter “Bar Talk”.

He reports back from the Bar Council’s Annual Conference 2022, taking part in a number of sessions and listening to lectures which “involved some serious questions about both individual practice and wider systemic action.”

Sessions included ‘Access to the Law’, ‘Fixing our Broken Justice System’, ‘Threats to the Rule of Law’, ‘Predicting industry trends’ and ‘Cybersecurity and the Justice System’.

Tim noted opinions from colleagues where “chambers (were) finding themselves driven towards a more outward-facing, engaged approach where their clients can see them participate in difficult advocacy or run a range of talks and programmes, I can speak (or write) from personal experience when I say they aren’t wrong.”

Tim concluded, “But it also could not be ignored that larger political realities must be negotiated with as we aim to build up and safeguard our profession. Of this, the Bar of 2022 is more aware than ever.”

Read the full blog “Safeguarding our Profession” here: [Bar Council]