The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law

June 22, 2021

Zoe Chapman has reviewed Amal Clooney and Philippa Webb’s latest book entitled “The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law”.

Published by Oxford University Press the authors present an overview of international jurisprudence relating to the right to a fair trial focusing on factual scenarios that practitioners and judges may face in court. Zoe says:

“The case law of regional and international criminal courts, and of UN human rights bodies, is reviewed. Areas of agreement and disagreement are identified in relation to key issues. In each case, the international standard is distilled for the reader from the vast collective jurisprudence of a multitude of sources.”

Awarding it 5 stars, Zoe concludes that the book is:

“An enormously valuable resource that corrals the trees and allows the reader to see (and understand) the wood.”

Read full review here: [Law Gazette]