The next Frontier in Fraud…with Jonathan Fisher QC

September 2, 2021

RLC member Jonathan Fisher QC joins the Chartered Banker Institute on 14th September for a virtual round table focus on Fraud.

A significant rise in Impersonation fraud, Artificial Intelligence and Investment scams have led many to ask what measures are being taken to protect vulnerable customers?

In this round-table session hosted by Chartered Banker and chaired by Arun Chauhan, RLC member Jonathan Fisher QC joins panellists to examine the current fraud landscape and discuss how collaboration between the financial services, government and public sectors can tackle the evolving tactics used by fraudsters.

The event and discussion will follow on from Chartered Banker’s recent report: expanding on its findings.

Jonathan Fisher QC is ranked as a leading barrister for Financial Crime and Proceeds of Crime cases ( Band 1 Chambers & Partners UK) and has extensive
experience in civil, criminal and regulatory cases with particular expertise in the areas of bribery and corruption, economic sanctions, financial services, fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime, and tax disputes.

Sign up to the event here: [Chartered Banker]