The Lucy Letby Inquiry- Sailesh Mehta and Tom Davies write for New Law Journal

December 13, 2023

Sailesh Mehta and Tom Davies write an analysis piece for the New Law Journal examining the key differences between statutory and non-statutory inquiries in light of the announcement in August 2023 that the wider  investigation relating to Lucy Letby’s crimes would be by way of a  Public Inquiry with legal powers to compel witnesses, including former and current staff of the Countess of Chester, to give evidence.

“Given the historic and contentious nature of whistleblowing in the NHS, the decision to convert the Letby Inquiry to a statutory one is welcome. The chair will need more than a modicum of luck and a strong constitution to avoid the worst aspects of recent Inquiries. An over-long process mired by non-compliance or avoidance of giving evidence would do little to assuage public concern and the trauma of the bereaved that Letby’s case has generated”

Read piece here: [New Law Journal]