The FT interviews Jonathan Fisher QC

June 7, 2022

The FT has reported that many of the biggest UK-based law firms are refusing to act for Russian litigants in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

Historically Russians litigants have respected the independence of the UK judiciary and its robust legal system but as the West increasingly severs its links with Russia and those linked to the regime of President Vladimir Putin, law firms are turning their backs on one of their more lucrative client bases.

Although the UK government has said lawyers can represent Russian clients with a special government licence, Jonathan Fisher QC notes:

“There are signs that law firms are steering clear of Russian work and are thinking twice about it partly for reputational reasons,”

In addition, speaking to the FT in May this year Jonathan said that lawyers should act in the interests of clients who are entitled to legal representation:

“We cannot have a situation where lawyers are reluctant to give advice to individuals, whether or not they have done anything wrong”

Read current commentary in the FT here: [The Financial Times]

Jonathan has particular expertise in the areas of bribery and corruption, economic sanctions, financial services, fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime, and tax disputes. Much of Jonathan’s work involves cross-border transactions, offshore companies and trusts. He has represented defendants and prosecution authorities in many serious or complex criminal and civil trial.