The Bar Council features Guest Blog by Barnaby Jameson QC

February 25, 2022

With one week to go before World Book Day on the 3 March, The Bar Council has featured a guest blog by Barnaby Jameson QC who talks about his literary influences, the inspiration behind his debut novel and why this year’s theme of bringing reading to disadvantaged children and the #IAmAReader campaign holds a particular pertinence. A terrorism specialist, Barnaby has been involved in a wide range of terrorist cases from the ’21/7′ Conspiracy to bomb the London Underground, to bomb and murder plots involving Islamic State, as well as prosecuting the founders of the neo-Nazi terrorist group, ‘National Action.’ He comments:

“A case is, in effect, a story. Some of the same principles apply to writing a case opening (or closing) as to writing fiction: seeking to command the attention of the audience, striving for clarity of expression and setting an appropriate narrative pace. The narrator must also gain trust and confidence. My neo-Nazi cases often involve expert evidence on Nazism in the 1930s and World War Two. Given that my book, Codename: Madeleine, is for the most-part set in Nazi-occupied Europe in World War Two it can sometimes be hard to keep fact and fiction apart!”

Read full blog here: [Bar Council]