Sweet and Maxwell publish the 1st supplement to the 5th Edition of ‘Arlidge and Parry on Fraud’ by Jonathan Fisher QC and Andrew Herd

September 24, 2018

The 1st supplement to the 5th edition of Arlidge and Parry on Fraud has been published. Written by Jonathan Fisher QC and Andrew Herd the supplement provides a complete guide setting out  the basic principles and clarifying key terms. The work discusses and interprets the law offering strategic guidance to complex areas. In addition, it offers advice on presenting a fraud case, so that readers can follow the correct procedures and avoid mistakes.

The supplement brings the 5th edition of the text fully up to date with the latest developments including:

  • Criminal Finances Act 2017, sections 45 and 46 of which introduce two new corporate criminal offences where a company or partnership has failed to prevent an associated person from facilitating tax evasion in the UK or abroad
  • Ivey v Genting Casinos dealing with the meaning of dishonesty, overruling the “Ghosh test” and applying a more objective test
  • Bittar v FCA and Hayes v FCA dealing with applications for a stay in civil proceedings where there are parallel criminal proceedings
  • R v Evans which considered new the sentencing guidelines for cases involving the unlawful distribution of infringing copyright articles
  • Hudson v CPS which addressed when an unoccupied property ceases to be a “dwelling” in relation to the offence of burglary
  • Jurecka v R on the admissibility of “working documents”

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